The Animas Team

Nick Bolton

Nick Bolton

Founder & CEO

Nick is the founder and CEO of Animas Centre for Coaching and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision and leads Animas’s vision and thought-leadership work.

Ruth Randall

Ruth Randall

Managing Director

Ruth is our Managing Director ensuring the smooth running of the school across all part of the business and working closely with the Nick to realise the vision and values of Animas.


Andrea Matuz

Course Consultant

Andrea is an experienced Coach and Coach Supervisor who possesses a genuine commitment to the growth and excellence of coaching and supervision.

Adie Pascual

Adie Pascual

Course Consultant

Adie is one of our course consultants here at Animas. She comes from a psychology and education background having taught hundreds of children aged 4-16, something she been doing for over 10 years.

Patricia Zabala

Patricia Zabala

Community and Communications Manager

Patricia supports individuals in their customer experience with Animas from queries from those considering joining us through the the community groups, Coaches Uncaged business community and everyday queries.


Katerina Penna

Learning Manager

As the Learning Manager of Animas, Katerina is responsible for curating the learning and training journeys of the Animas team. She is in charge of quality assurance and evaluation, training and facilitation, learning evaluation and learner engagement strategies

Jazel Gonzales

Jazel Gonzales

Learning Coordinator

Jazel is one of two Learning Coordinators who are attached to specific cohorts of coaches to help them through the learning journey ensuring they get everything they need to have the best experience.

Krish Gonzales

Krish Gonzales

Learning Coordinator

Krish is one of two Learning Coordinators who are attached to specific cohorts of coaches to help them through the learning journey ensuring they get everything they need to have the best experience.

Miqi Elshafei

Miqi Elshafei

Enrolments Facilitator

Miqi is our Enrolments Coordinator and works to make joining Animas a no-fuss, no-stress experience. From managing the free introduction sessions to onboarding new coaches, Miqi's role is to ensure you have a smooth start to your journey with us.

kim gallardo

Kim Gallardo

Customer Finance Assistant

Kim supports our customers with all their finance and invoice questions ensuring everyone one know what to pay, when and how!


Isabella Miller

Programmes and Events Producer

Isabella is our Programmes and Events Producer. With her experience in journalism and event planning, Izzy plays a key role in turning our ideas for programmes and events into reality.


Joan Caryl

Delegate Experience Manager

As the Delegate Experience Manager, Joan serves as the primary liaison for all delegates participating in our Specialist Programmes and Events.


Angela Joy De Guzman

Events and Speaker Coordinator

Gela is the Events and Speaker Coordinator, managing speaker relations and overseeing event execution. She coordinates communications, asset management, and platform operations, working closely with marketing and design teams to enhance event quality and attendee engagement.


Yumi P. Apilado

Event Producer

Yumi P. Apilado, celebrated as a bestselling author for her insightful book "Your Skills Aren't Enough: How Successful Entrepreneurs Hire Their VAs," has garnered #1 Bestseller status on Amazon in multiple categories. At Animas Coaching, she thrives as an Events Producer, bringing her varied skills to the fore.


David Garwood

Professional Storyteller

David is our in-house Professional Storyteller here at Animas. His role is to tell the story of Animas and to capture and share the success stories of our coaches and faculty. A keen conversationalist, David is passionate about authentic human connection.