Our Coaching Partnerships

About our Coaching Partnerships

We believe that coaching has the capacity to help individuals and organisations far beyond those who have traditionally been able to access it.

For many people, the cost of coaching can present a significant barrier to adoption.

At the same time, we know that coaches relish the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes an impact.

That’s why we partner with forward-thinking organisations to connect our passionate community of coaches to coaching opportunities both within the organisations and with the client groups they serve.

Our partnerships aim to create triple-win opportunities in which Animas coaches build their coaching experience, organisations access a large pool of talented coaches, and their client groups receive quality coaching.

Whilst some of these projects offer fees to the coaches, in most cases the coaching is provided entirely free of charge through the passionate desire of our coaches to make a difference. Animas does not receive any financial benefit from these partnerships.

Our partnerships change over time, but right now, here are the partners we are working with.

Our Coaching Partners

Bloom Coaching

Bloom have created a daily coaching experience that makes career growth accessible to all, for a new era of work coaching. 1:1 sessions with accredited human coaches backed by AI, science & psychometrics. Actionable through practical exercises, and frequent check-ins. Bloom believe that everyone deserves personalised coaching at work. Their platform helps every team member grow, creating a stronger workplace.



(we are because you are)

wabya’s founders, JF and Craig, have a vision of a world where collective realisation is achieved through self-realisation.

They believe that exploring your own goals and finding fulfilment isn’t only possible: it’s necessary for communal growth.

And that professional coaching is the gateway to bringing this to life.

That’s why wabya’s mission is to make self-realisation accessible and affordable to one billion people through coaching by 2033. 



Unrest is Europe’s only dedicated pre-seed and seed sector-agnostic impact accelerator. Unrest work with founders to launch the next generation of purposeful global consumer brands.

Across 16 weeks, founders are able to attend workshops, schedule one-to-ones, develop their brand with award winning Uncommon Creative Studio, and benefit from the expertise of best-in-class partners in impact, fundraising, branding and business development.

Animas coaches volunteer with Unrest to provide 1-1 support to early stage founders, helping them navigate the challenges of building and growing their impact-driven businesses.



Employed.world is a Berlin-based UX community creating events and discussions to help job seekers navigate their way in finding their first UX job. Founded by social entrepreneur Yashvir Chawla, Employed.world collaborates with the German unemployment agency to fund a coaching program to support the job-seeker community in Germany, through business coaching and job coaching from coaches with a professional background in IT. 



TiiQu is a community interest company which is developing innovative ‘truth tech’ tools.  This entirely volunteer-led company is developing cutting-edge technology for good, empowering individuals and businesses with accurate and trustworthy information sources for better decision making across environmental and sustainability matters.

To enhance the wellbeing of their volunteer community, Tiiqu are establishing a career & wellbeing coaching service. This initiative aims to ensure that each volunteer maximises their time with the business, fostering a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.


Room 720

Room720 is a new, hand-picked, peer reviewed community of exceptionally ambitious and high-agency engineers at the beginnings of their career and with big plans. Together, they help each individual in the community to reach their goals and aspirations by fostering an environment of peers focused on curiosity, exploration and continuous learning and development.

The community supports each other by providing clarity over what meaningful, challenging, and exciting opportunities are available, and how they may fit into one’s overarching goals, striving to build transparency about career paths, companies, managers and roles to shift the power into the hands of talents. 

Animas are delighted to partner with Room 720 to connect Animas coaches with the Room 720 community for 1-1 coaching support.


Yes Futures

Yes Futures is a charity founded with the belief that every young person deserves to feel empowered to fulfil their personal potential. Working in partnership with schools, Yes Futures student coaching and support programmes are focused on four essential skills of confidence, resilience, communication and self-awareness, to support students to be successful both in and outside the classroom and feel prepared for their future.

Initially created in response to the additional pressure placed on teachers during the Covid19 pandemic, Animas and Yes Futures launched and delivered the Creating Space programme, which offered 1-1 coaching for teachers and leaders in education. This programme provided vital support for teachers, as well as an opportunity for Animas coaches to gain experience. 


Ella’s Kitchen

Our partnership with Ella’s Kitchen was developed to benefit Animas coaches-in-training as well as employees of Ella’s Kitchen. During our pilot programme at the start of 2023, Animas coaches were matched with employees from Ella’s Kitchen enabling the coaches to build their coaching hours towards their qualification and gain valuable coaching experience. For the employees, this one-to-one coaching provided a space to explore either work-related or personal topics. Ella’s Kitchen further supported this initiative by funding the coaching for their employees. 


Wilfrid’s House

Wilfrid’s House mission is to make quality emotional support accessible to those in crisis and to build resilient communities. So far the charity has been providing 1-1 therapy and counselling, as well as delivering specialised programmes for schools.  This year, Wilfrid’s House launched a Life Coaching service, with coaches currently only being recruited via Animas. To support the volunteer coaches in their work, Wilfrid’s House also partnered with Animas’ sister-school, the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, to recruit a qualified supervisor to provide group supervision, and will shortly be expanding this to offer 1-1 supervision.


Octopus Money

Octopus Money want to help millions of people take the first steps to making their life dreams a reality, so they’re making it easier, cheaper and more exciting to get money advice from a real person. Schools don’t teach money and society makes it taboo. So most of us have no idea the amazing things that are possible if we take small steps to make our money go further. Through a combination of real, friendly people and really clever technology, Octopus help you see where you stand today and build the plan for whatever you’re dreaming of.

Octopus believe workplaces are the best place to change the national conversation around money. So they partner with the UK’s best employers to make their pay and benefits go further – helping all their employees make the most of the money they earn. More than 200,000 employees have access to Octopus Money, with thousands more joining every month.

 As a referral partner for Octopus, we’re delighted that several Animas coaches have gone on to work with Octopus as financial coaches.



Lukah specialises in helping companies create diverse and inclusive workplaces by supporting groups of underrepresented employees through coaching. They focus on working with women, ethnic minorities and neurodivergent individuals to help them overcome the challenges they face at work. Lukah’s specialist coaches have extensive experience and are passionate about helping specific groups of underrepresented employees thrive both personally and professionally.


More Happi

More Happi offers affordable employee coaching for organisations, whilst providing the opportunity for volunteer coaches to build their experience working with coachees at all levels of an organisation. Many Animas coaches have gone on to coach with More Happi, gaining benefits from broadening their experience, receiving supervision and professional development, and building their portfolio of client testimonials. 


Interested in becoming a coaching partner?

Would you like to partner with Animas to create a coaching relationship in which your organisation can benefit from coaching through our community?  
Or are you a coaching organisation or charity looking to hire highly skilled, qualified coaches, or transformative coaches in training? 
If so then we’d love to hear from you. 
Please drop us a line at partnerships@animascoaching.com