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For most Animas-trained coaches, their starting point was our free Introduction to Transformative Coaching.

Designed to introduce you to the theory and principles of coaching, what coaches do after qualification and the Animas approach to coaching and coach training, the session have proven hugely popular for many years for its informative, open and participative approach.

If you’re considering becoming a coach, then choosing the right course is a vital first step and we can promise you that these three hours will be worth it in giving you the insight you need.

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  • 3 Hours of Live Training and Interactive Exploration
  • Fully Virtual  – Join Us From Wherever You Are
  • Led by Experienced Coaches
  • Weekend and Weekday Sessions

What You’ll Learn

The session is highly interactive and through teaching, discussion and practice, you’ll get to explore.

What You’ll Need to Get the Most from the Session

Desktop, laptop or tablet
Headphones & microphone
Built-in camera

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