Transformational coach training courses that go deeper.

At Animas, we provide coach training for those who want to help people achieve profound change in themselves, their work and their personal lives.

Whether you are looking to train as a coach, or you are already an experienced coach looking to develop further, we have accredited coaching courses which will give you the skills, support and qualification you need.

If you want to coach in a way that makes a real difference, then it’s time to discover the Animas transformational coaching approach.

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The Animas Coaching Courses


Accredited Diploma
in Transformational Coaching

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Become a professional coach with a wide set of skills
  • Designed for those new to coaching
  • Live training, mentoring and support
  • 123 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
  • Association for Coaching Accredited Diploma in Coach Training

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Accredited Diploma
in Coaching Supervision

Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Train in integrative, psychological coaching supervision
  • For experienced coaches
  • EMCC European Supervision Quality Award
  • 110 Hours ICF CCE
  • Live training, mentoring, teleclasses and support

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Recognised nationally and internationally, Animas has strong relationships with the key professional bodies that shape and promote coaching.

ICF Logo

The ICF is the world’s leading professional body for coaching with over 45,000 members across the globe..

Animas has a close relationship with the ICF and all of our training programmes have been accredited by the ICF. Animas has a regular presence at the ICF’s national UK conference and contribute frequently the ICF’s blog. Find out more about Animas’ relationship with the ICF here


The EMCC has a strong focus on quality standards and runs one of the few accreditation programmes for providers of supervision training.

Animas has been awarded the European Supervision Quality Award by the EMCC and we are proud to develop coaching supervisors in alignment with the EMCC’s competencies and ethical framework.

Association For Coaching Logo

The Association for Coaching is the UK’s largest professional body for coaches and has established itself as a progressive influence on coaching.

The Animas coach training programme underwent rigorous scrutiny to be awarded its coveted status as an Accredited Diploma in Coach Training with the Association and Animas founder, Nick Bolton, is an Accredited Master Coach with the association.

FREE Introduction to Transformational Coaching

Join us for a FREE day in London to discover transformational coaching. In a warm and friendly environment, you’ll explore:

  • What transformational coaching is and how it differs from traditional coaching.
  • What coaching is responding to in how people live today.
  • The five career or private pathways you might follow after qualification.
  • How you can work as a coach and the kinds of clients you might work with.
  • The Animas approach to coach training and a walk-through of the programme.

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  • Saturday, 13th January 2018
  • Saturday, 20th January 2018
  • Saturday, 27th January 2018

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The Animas Coach Training Philosophy

Coaching is no longer the preserve of executives in organisations, and no longer does it focus simply on career and executive performance. Coaching now helps people address every conceivable area of life from practicalities within our work and personal lives to exploring the big questions of meaning and purpose. Indeed, we believe that, at its core, coaching is a response to how we face the complexity of life in the 21st century. It provides the space and time to creatively explore new possibilities for how we show up and live out our choices. For us, coaching sets out to give people an opportunity to step back and understand themselves and their situation better and to ask key questions.
Drawing from a range of psychological and practical coaching frameworks, we deliver coaching courses that enable you to work with clients at a deeper level to face their challenges head on, whether as an internal, workplace coach or as a coach with an independent practice. Unlike many coaching courses which are wedded to a single way of practising, our approach enables you to develop your unique style based on your preferences, personal history and strengths to become the unique coach only you can be.