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Life Coach Training For Transformational Change

Animas provides psychologically-based life coaching training for people who want to help others create profound change in themselves, their work and their lives.

With coaching now helping people address almost every aspect of life, we train coaches to respond with sensitivity, curiosity, confidence and flexibility to the many issues that clients bring.

Our passion is transformational coaching – a powerful combination of the psychological, humanistic, integrative, and holistic. Together, these core principles create a style of coaching that is rich in inquiry, collaboration, reflection and boldness.

Whether you choose to work as a life coach, executive coach or organisational internal-coach, the core skills of transformational coaching will serve as the foundation of your coaching for many years to come, stretching and flexing with your own development.

If you’re interested to train as a coach, then we’d love you to take some time to find out more about us. Explore our coaching videos, read our blog, check out our course, or book a free spot at an introductory day. We think you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Free Introduction To Coaching

Looking for the right coaching course? Discover Animas at a free Introduction to Transformational Coaching in London, Edinburgh or Berlin. Book your spot to learn how you can become a coach and whether our life coach training is right for you.

You’ll learn:

  • What transformational coaching is.
  • How it differs from other approaches to personal change.
  • What coaching is responding to in today’s world.
  • Where coaching is heading and how it matters for aspiring coaches.
  • How you can work as a coach and the kinds of clients you might work with.
  • A walk-through of the Animas coach training course.

Diploma In Transformational Coaching

Life coach training at Animas goes deeper than traditional coaching courses. Focused on psychological and integrative perspectives, this ICF accredited coaching course will help you become an exceptional coach. Train in London, Edinburgh or Berlin.

  • Association for Coaching ADCT
  • Live training, mentoring, supervision and support
  • Join us in London, Edinburgh or Berlin

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We Are Looking for Trainers in Europe!

Join our training team and grow with us as we expand into Europe. Who are we? Animas is the UK’s fastest growing coaching school, with training centres in London, Edinburgh and Berlin. Such has been the incredible growth in our community, and the level of interest for our course generally,

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A fellow coach told me this week that in her darker moments she wonders if she made the right decision to leave her corporate role to become a self-employed coach. She was overwhelmed with the targets she’d set herself for January, annoyed with potential clients cancelling meetings, and most of

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Spotlight on: New Animas Coach Mentor Niki Misokefalou

With the recent addition of Niki Misokefalou to our fantastic mentoring team, our in-house writer Sam Chambers took some time to talk with Niki and find out more about her journey, her coaching approach, and what she brings to the mentoring role. S: Hi Niki, First of all welcome to

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