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We provide psychologically-minded coaching courses for those who want to help people achieve profound change in themselves, their work and their personal lives. Attend a FREE Introduction to Transformational Coaching. Discover more

Animas Coaching Training Course

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Want to train as a coach?

  • Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Designed for those new to coaching
  • 123 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
  • Association for Coaching Accredited Diploma in Coach
  • TrainingLive training, mentoring and support
  • Join us in London, Edinburgh or Manchester

Discover More

Recognised nationally and internationally, Animas has strong relationships with the key professional bodies that shape and promote coaching.

The ICF is the world’s leading professional body for coaching with over 45,000 members across the globe..

The EMCC has a strong focus on quality standards and runs one of the few accreditation programmes for providers of supervision training.

The EMCC has a strong focus on quality standards and runs one of the few accreditation programmes for providers of supervision training.

FREE Introduction to
Transformational Coaching

Join us for a FREE day in London or Edinburgh to discover what transformational coaching is and what it means for you to become a business or life coach. In a warm and friendly environment, you’ll explore:

  • What transformational coaching is and how it differs from traditional coaching.
  • What coaching is responding to in how people live today.
  • The five career or private pathways you might follow after qualification.
  • How you can work as a coach and the kinds of clients you might work with.
  • The Animas approach to coach training and a walk-through of the programme.

Our Philosophy and Approach to Coaching

At the heart of Animas is a drive to develop coaches who are able to respond with sensitivity, curiosity, flexibility and confidence to the complex issues that clients bring to coaching from their life and work. Coaching is no longer the preserve of executives in organisations, and no longer does it focus only on career and performance. Coaching now helps people address every area of life from relationships to personal development, from health to wealth, from career to personal passions, and from small improvements in life to exploring our essential purpose and understanding what makes us tick.
We believe that, at its most fundamental level, coaching responds to how people face the complexity of life in the 21st century and, given the scope of such an inquiry, it is not about the coach having the answers but about creating the space for clients to gain a greater understanding of their own ways living and becoming empowered to make authentic decisions and responses. For us, transformational coaching sets out to help people answer the age-old question we all face. From Socrates to Sartre, the question that has echoed through the millennia: “How do I live a meaningful and worthwhile life?”
Drawing from a range of philosophical, psychological and practical frameworks, we deliver integrative coaching courses that enable you to work with clients at a deeper level to face this and many other questions and challenges they bring to you whether in the workplace or as a coach in independent practice.