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Developing transformative coaches and coaching supervisors who want to create profound change for their clients.

Animas is at the forefront of transformative coaching and our accredited life coaching course brings a unique psychological approach to developing coaches who can work at depth with clients.

If you want to help people create deep and lasting change in their careers, relationships, workplace and their sense of self, then this is the coaching course for you.

Our executive and life coaching course is accredited by the three leading professional coaching associations, the ICF, the Association for Coaching, and the EMCC.  Check out our coaching course page to find out more.

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Our Coaching Courses

Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching

Life Coaching Course

Whether you are looking to become an executive coach, an internal coach or a life coach, you will get everything you need from our Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching. 

Internationally accredited by the three leading professional associations, our course has been taken by nearly 4000 coaches around the world and our coaches work in every field from local coaching practices, associates coaching, in-house coaching teams and specialist businesses.

Delivered as a fully-online coaching course, you will learn in small groups with highly-experienced coaches and benefit from mentoring, supervision, observed practice, real-life client work and a community of learning.

Life Coaching Course
life coaching course

Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision

life coaching course

Our Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision is for highly-experienced coaches who wish to become supervisors and support the growth, effectiveness and wellbeing of other coaches. 

To reflect the level of the course, you’ll have a minimum of 500 hours of coaching experience and have been a coach for at least 3 years.

A fully-online live course, our coaching supervision training, delivered in partnership with the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, has been taken by coaches from around the world.

Course Accreditations

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In today’s hectic and complex world, coaching offers a transformational space for reflection, discovery and clarity.

What kind of coach will you be?

Our coaching course is a comprehensive training programme for people who want to become a life coach, executive coach, internal coach, associate coach or a specialist coach (such as wellness coach, relationship coach, youth coach, etc).  By providing a foundational set of coaching skills, principles and competencies we ensure you can create your own path as a coach. The following offer just an idea of what you might do.

Become a Life Coach and Support Individuals Shaping their Lives.

Life coaching is sometimes misunderstood with people assuming life coaches tell people how to live their life! In reality, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Life coaching provides a space for someone to think in partnership with a coach about whatever they want to explore. This might be wrestling with difficult decisions, planning the next phase of life, choosing a career of aiming to improve a relationship.

For the life coach, the life coaching course provides the core skills in listening, questioning, reflecting and holding space whilst also layering in deeper theory and practice from a range of psychological schools.

The Animas life coaching course ensures that the coach will be able to work with a range of clients on whatever issues they bring from goal-achievement through to reflecting on the purpose and aims of one's longer life.

Like its cousin professions of psychotherapy and counselling, life coaching is here to stay and as the world presents people with more choice and complexity, so coaching plays an ever greater role. A life coaching course is the first step to become accredited and recognised as a professional coach.

Become an Executive Coach and Help Leaders Make an Impact.

The executive coach is one of the most established forms of coaching and remains popular for individuals who have had a successful career in the corporate world, though in recent years the rise of umbrella agencies is enabling people without corporate careers to succeed in this field.

Like the life coach, the executive coach works with individuals on what they bring to the coaching and this could range from personal challenges to concerns and opportunities within their careers and leadership. As such, it offers a rich and rewarding space to work as a coach.

Whilst some executive coaches might need a specific set of skills for a given organisation, at the heart of executive coaching are the coaching skills provided by our executive and life coaching course based on the the central pillars of non-directive, humanistic facilitation of someone's thinking and reflection.

The accreditation provided by our executive and life coaching course, Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, is second to none for aspiring executive coaches given its accreditation by the three major professional coaching associations.

Become an Associate Coach and Work Across a Range of Organisations.

The associate coach role has exploded in the last few years with an ever-growing number of organisations acting as an umbrella agency which places you with clients. Some are large, international companies with many thousands of coaches and clients whilst other are more niche working in specific sectors.

This development is something we welcome wholeheartedly as a coaching school since it enables coaches to generate meaningful work even if they don't want to market themselves through their own business.

Like the life coach and the executive coach, the associate coach needs a thorough grounding in the core skills and principles of coaching and they need to have accredited as a coach through a coaching school like Animas.

The Animas executive and life coaching course, the Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching provides all the key skills one needs as an associate coach and many of our graduates go on to work across the world in this capacity providing a varied and exciting client base and reliable coaching income.

Become a Specialist Coach and Develop a Varied Practice.

Whilst the life coach works with anyone on any aspect of their life, the specialist coach develops a niche around a particular field of interest but uses coaching as their fundamental way of working.

Examples of this include relationship coaching, mindfulness coaching, confidence coaching - in fact, the options are almost endless and it will be guided by the difference you want to make in the world.

An accredited life coaching course will provide the skills and ability to make a difference with coaching but in this instance, the coach will focus on a narrower range of clients.

If this feels like a path you would want to pursue, our life coaching course, the Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching provides the accreditation as a coach you need to ensure you have the confidence, capability and credibility to start your coaching business.

Many Animas coaches have gone on to create coaching businesses in this way and we explore how to do this in our Coaches Uncaged business community that is a free as part of our life coach course.

Attend a FREE Online Introduction to Transformative Coaching

To find out more about the Animas transformative approach to coaching, why not book a spot on our FREE introductory training session where you can get all your questions answered.

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