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Become a Life Coach or Executive Coach on our Accredited Transformative Coaching Course.

Animas is the home of transformative coaching where we bring a unique psychological, humanistic and holistic approach to executive and life coach training with our Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching.

If you want to help clients create deep and lasting change in their careers, relationships, workplace or even their sense of self, then this is the coaching course for you.

Our coaching course is accredited by the three leading professional coaching associations, the International Coach Federation, the Association for Coaching, and European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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Alternatively, if you’re looking to get a better understanding of coaching and whether becoming a coaching is right for you, why not attend a free Introduction to Transformative Coaching training session.  We’d love to meet you there. 

Our Course Accreditations

EMCC accreditation

Discover our Accredited Diploma In Transformative Coaching

Deeper than traditional life coaching training courses, the Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching enables you to learn psychological and integrative perspectives that will help you become an exceptional humanistic coach.
Developed for individuals who wish to start their own coaching practice working one-to-one with clients or who want to use coaching within their workplace role, our accredited coach training course provides everything you need to become a confident, competent and accredited coach.
Our coaching course offers:

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Life Coaching Course
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