Our Training Faculty

Andrea Matuz

Andrea is an EMCC credentialed coach and supervisor with a passion for developing coaches and their business. She has an extensive background in financial services and marketing, having worked in the corporate world for many years. During her career, she has collaborated with people at all levels, from entry-level employees to top executives and CEOs, gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of successful businesses. She has a passion for the psychology of sales and marketing, particularly in coaching and supervision. Andrea finds it fascinating to explore the complexities of decision-making, motivation, and persuasion for both clients and coaches/supervisors. Her work as a coach and coaching supervisor is driven by authenticity, aiming to align her clients and their work with their values and their true selves. She has developed her own business coaching and mentoring approach and she is also drawing from a range of disciplines such as solution-focused, positive psychology, and existentialism. Andrea has an MBA in Business Administration and Management, is a Certified Personal Performance Coach, Certified Supervisor, Group Facilitator and holds the EMCC Senior Practitioner credential.

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