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Niki Misokefalou

Niki Misokefalou
Niki comes from a teaching background and spent most of her life teaching Ancient and Modern Greek Language and Literature to secondary school age children in Greece. When she moved to London 9 years ago she knew it was time to pursue her biggest dream to support women follow their dreams and aspirations breaking through insecurities and negative talk in order to become the best version of themselves. After much research on the field of psychology and therapy, Niki decided to take the plunge and become a life coach to pursue a career as a transformational coach alongside her teaching and motherhood. Niki describes herself as an eternal learner, is always keen to learn and expand her knowledge and is constantly looking for new ways to influence her coaching approach. Apart from the Diploma in Transformational Coaching she has also completed a Certificate in Relationship and Couple Coaching as well as a Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation. In the coaching space Niki brings her passion for storytelling and a gentle but challenging approach originating from various psychological and philosophical frameworks in order to facilitate a client’s journey. She mainly coaches women, most of them mums, around the idea of reinventing their  identity after having children and  playing various different roles. She helps them realise their strengths and talents, choose what is important to them and how to pursue it, whilst supporting and cheering them along the way. In the mentoring space Niki is a great listener and communicator and connects incredibly well with people. Her calm and friendly approach  combined with her teaching skills and experience in coaching allows her to build a trusted  relationship with her mentees.

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Nick Bolton

Nick is the founder and CEO of Animas Centre for Coaching and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Nick is an existentially oriented coach and supervisor with a passion for the ideas, principles and philosophy that sits behind coaching.