Our Training Faculty

Nick Bolton

Founder & CEO

Nick is the founder and CEO of Animas Centre for Coaching, the global leader in transformational coach training.

A philosophically oriented coach and coaching supervisor, he is fascinated by how we make sense of ourselves in the world and the mental paradigms we operate from that shape our experience and actions.

Nick established Animas in 2008 to provide training in innovative approaches to coaching that built on psychological and philosophical principles. Over time, Nick developed his thinking further around transformative coaching delivering a number of presentations on philosophical perspectives on coaching and human change.

Nick has coached since the early 2000s, firstly working within the public sector through his own education and training business before becoming a personal coach, group coach, business mentor and coaching trainer.

Passionate about best practice and deepening coaching practice, Nick also established the International Centre for Coaching Supervision to provide high-quality supervision training around the world.

Having recently finished three years cruising the UK in his narrowboat Vagabond, Nick and his wife, Danni, now live in London.