Difference Between Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching

Difference Between Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching

Both coaching supervision and mentor coaching are used to support a coach in their development and both involve working with another coach.

However, they differ in their aims and approach.

We’ve written more extensively about this in this blog post: What’s The Difference Between Coaching Supervision And Mentor Coaching?

However, in this FAQ, we’ll aim to summarise this.

In essence, coaching supervision aims to support a coach on all aspects of a their professional practice including:

  • Effectiveness and skills
  • Navigating ethical dilemmas and choices
  • Wellbeing as a coach
  • Client outcomes
  • Coaching relationships
  • Coaching career goals
  • Developmental planning
  • New skills acquisition
  • And more

The coaching supervisor and coach may cover every conceivable aspect of that coach’s work and professional journey.

The coach mentor, on the other hand, is focused specifically on how well a coach demonstrates the standards and competencies of a particular professional body or, to be more precise, the International Coaching Federation since it is only the ICF that requires a coach to be mentored on their ability to meet their competencies.  Other professional bodies focus on supervision as the primary support approach for coaches needed to achieve and maintain credentials.

In summary, mentor coaches primarily look at how a coach meets specific behavioural criteria are set out by the ICF whilst coaching supervisors take a more holistic approach to the coach’s work.

Both are vital, but knowing this distinction means you can be clear on what you’re looking for.

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