Can I count previous coaching delivery hours towards the qualification practice hours?

Many people who join Animas will already have had experience of providing coaching or a related practice whether mentoring, therapy work or something similar.
A question we sometimes then get asked sometimes is whether the work you’ve already done in the past can count towards the 40 hours of coaching needed to qualify on our course.
The answer is: no, I’m afraid it won’t count.
When you train with Animas, you are learning a new way to coach that may be similar to, or very different than, how you’ve worked previously. Indeed, something we hear frequently is that someone thought they had been coaching until they learned with us and realised they’d been guiding, teaching, leading etc.
That’s why the 40 hours of coaching you do to qualify with Animas must be completed after you start the course. This way, it is clear that you are applying the specific skills, principles and practices to your coaching that you learn with Animas and that we are accredited to deliver.

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