Nishe Patel

Coach Trainer

Having spent almost a decade working in early careers within corporate environments, the combination of a clear realisation that she wanted to transition into learning and development, and an incredibly powerful experience of being coached during the Animas Diploma course led Nishe to what would be a new beginning. And one she loves so much!

As an Integrative Coach & Hypnotherapist, Nishe likes to work with people to explore their inner speech, work that helps them to better understand who they truly are, so they are able to be more authentic in how they show up. This is where Nishe’s idea of creating playgrounds in the mind originates from. A concept that combines learnings from Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Matrix-reimprinting that is very much about working with peoples’ inner archetypes and getting them talk to one another in order to gain more insight and learning from everyday experiences.

Nishe gets real enjoyment from working with clients to help them identify the different parts of themselves that aren’t being listened to, or taken care of in the right way, and to heal those parts so they are able to move forward.

As a trainer, Nishe brings her whole self into the space, she doesn’t hold back, and really gives her all to it. Coaches-in-training can draw on all of her knowledge and expertise, whilst feeling completely assured that the space will be expertly held.

Her diverse training background brings with it different perspectives, allowing Nishe to draw from her experience to answer more varied questions about coaching, and other practices such as, therapeutic approaches and NLP. She pulls all of this together with a warm and calming presence, and her passion for enabling others to flourish is consistently visible in the training space.