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Marcus Stone PCC

Marcus is an ICF credentialed coach who forms part of our brilliant training faculty. He also holds the Diploma in Coaching Supervision and his other passion, aside from training, is helping other coaches to reflect on their own practices to see how they address the challenges they have and continually improve. Marcus spent 28 years in a professional career in commercial property, and while successful, he found himself often feeling unaligned with the outcomes of his work. Marcus regularly sensed there was something else for him, a life purpose, but could never find what that was, often feeling trapped and that he had no choices. A simple question led Marcus on a path to discovery. Taking time out of each day for himself, he started to look inside for answers. He found Animas, studied and passed his Animas Transformational Coaching Diploma in 2014, a process which for Marcus felt “so right”. A feeling that he describes as “waking up and remembering who I was.” Rediscovering a passion for inspiring people through writing and speaking as part of his journey, Marcus has since been part of a number of Animas talks and interviews around his coaching experience. In his own coaching practice, Marcus doesn’t have a particular niche. For him, it is more about the space that he can create with the people he is working with, than any specific area of work. Never really finding the drive to work with particular people or issues, Marcus has worked with a variety of people on a greater variety of things. He finds that his own story around a lack of direction and fulfilment, particularly career-wise, has resonated with a number of people that are looking for that change that excites them and gives them a purpose. When delivering his training, Marcus’ best quality is to create a really safe space for the group, developing a group rapport very quickly. A calm and very open facilitator, he puts people at ease, with his warmth and supportive approach, which suits his delivery of the Presence module particularly well. Marcus brings humour, but also allows his own vulnerability to show up in the space, putting students at ease and allowing them to open up and be more authentic.

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Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.