Bronwyn Nash

Bronwyn Nash

Coach Trainer

Bronwyn is another of our fantastic coach trainers. She trains the Cognition, Transaction, Presence and Paradigms modules on the Diploma in Transformational Coaching, and also holds the Diploma in Coaching Supervision, meaning that she further supports qualified coaches through both individual and Group Supervision. Sharing her passion for personal growth and powerful, creative approaches to coaching, she has a unique way of captivating and engaging a room, whether a talk delivered to a hundred people, leading a training space of twenty coaches-in-training, or chatting with Rob about coaching for the Animas Podcast.

Prior to coaching, Bronwyn spent more than a decade working in HR within the Finance and Care sectors, initially drawn to it by the opportunities to make a positive, tangible, difference to people.

Following several rewarding years in local and regional businesses, she made the move into the corporate world, most enjoying the work involving learning and development. But after a while she started to notice that her needs and core-values were no longer being met. The higher she moved up the corporate ladder the more removed she felt from the people in the organisation and Bronwyn came to realise that it had become an uncomfortable and inauthentic work environment for her. The idea to find a coach to help her figure out what she wanted in the next chapter of her life was the catalyst for the lightbulb moment that set her on her own journey to become a coach and reconnect with herself authentically again in the process.

Discovering Animas Centre for Coaching whilst researching life coach training, the course instantly resonated with her, she signed up and in 2014 passed her Diploma. Since qualifying she has completed ICF accredited certificates in Group, Relationship, Existential, Youth and Health & Wellness Coaching, and undertaken further AC accredited training in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Creativity in Coaching, meaning that as a coach and trainer, she draws upon a broad range of coaching modalities.

In her own coaching practice, Bronwyn attracts people who feel like they are coming to the end of a particular chapter of their lives, and can feel a new chapter is beginning (or is ready to begin), and are looking for support in navigating that transition. Individuals that have often lost connection with themselves; that sense of who they are, what’s important to them, what they want, and how to use those things as the key ingredients to creating the next chapter of their lives.

In 2018, Bronwyn completed her EMCC/ICF accredited training as a Coaching Supervisor and offers support and guidance to newly qualified coaches in their ongoing professionalDevelopment.

As well as her wealth of experience in both coaching and training, one of Bronwyn’s greatest strengths is her communication and delivery of information, presenting new concepts in a way that makes them clear and digestible. She makes the process enjoyable and playful, whilst simultaneously recognising that it’s serious and important work. Clarity and creativity is at the heart of everything that Bronwyn does, and she brings it into the training room, alongside her charismatic presence, to create a lot of space and permission, playfulness and engagement, at every stage of the new coaches learning journey.

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