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Nathalie Roth PCC

Nathalie is an ICF credentialed coach and is part of our Coach Mentoring Team. She trained and qualified with Animas in 2015. With a 20-year professional background in Corporate communications and events, Nathalie arrived at a point where she felt that her path was not resonating with her anymore. She decided to take a sabbatical to get out of her routine and her comfort zone. For the first time ever, she took a break and got some real time off. This long pause allowed Nathalie to reassess her life and reconnect with herself. She felt compelled to find tools and learn techniques to help herself, developing a deeper understanding of who she was and what she was yearning for as part of the process. Nathalie took the plunge by changing career, learning new skills, becoming her own boss and even crossing the Channel. As she fully understands the daily pressure of the corporate world to meet deadlines and reach targets to the point of neglecting your own needs, Nathalie works with startups, entrepreneurs and senior-level professionals juggling the different areas of life and feeling overwhelmed. In the coaching space Nathalie’s approach is holistic and she incorporates other disciplines such as Reiki, Meditation or Mindfulness into her sessions. Nathalie has also completed accredited courses in Health and Wellness, Somatic, Relationships and Group coaching, and Systemic Coaching with Constellations. In the mentoring space, Nathalie’s warmth and genuine care of people help to build quick rapport and trust with the mentees. Bringing her whole background and knowledge along with her relaxing persona and natural intuition, she makes the mentoring sessions an enjoyable and valuable experience.

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Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.