Beatrice Zornek

Coach Supervisor

Beatrice Zornek is a Transformational Coach and Coach Supervisor.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) she works with other HSPs and supports them through career decisions, helping them to create meaning and purpose in their work, in a way that feels authentic to them. This is how Fall in Love with Work was born.

As a Coach Supervisor, Beatrice works with other Highly Sensitive Coaches, with a focus on understanding games that come up in the coaching space, developing self-belief in themselves as coaches, creating healthy boundaries so they can separate themselves from their clients’ challenges, and inhabiting their highly sensitive strengths of intuition, empathy and deep listening.

In her coaching and supervision, she works on a deep level, using an integrative approach influenced by Transactional Analysis, Jungian psychology, Internal Family Systems and Gestalt.

Beatrice has a degree in Psychology and prior to becoming a coach, she had an eclectic career, including working for Google, in corporate sales and most recently in HR as the Head of People for a start-up in London.