9 Reasons A Career In Life Coaching Can Be So Rewarding

career in life coaching rewarding

9 Reasons A Career In Life Coaching Can Be So Rewarding

Many people become a life coach because they believe it to be so rewarding.  And they aren’t wrong.  But what specifically makes a career in life coaching so worthwhile?

We have written on the topic of what is life coaching in another post and so in this one we will dive straight into the why a career in life coaching is is so popular and why people find it so rewarding.

9 Reasons a Career in Life Coaching is So Rewarding

1 – Passion and Enthusiasm

Think about giving career advice to a young person yet to enter the world of work. Time and again we advise them to choose something they love and work out how to get paid for doing it. It’s not easy, and often an elusive dream, with people being stuck in jobs without passion but which pay the bills. Life coaching enables you to make a career out of doing something you love. The result is that you feel passion and enthusiasm and this helps to drive your career forward.

2 – You Get to Help Others

We all get a feel-good kick out of helping others – we see it in our everyday lives. However, how you help people can come in many different guises. With life coaching there is a tangible element to it. You get to see the profound change in others, you get to help them achieve their goals, and to find their authentic selves. You help others in a long-lasting way. That’s rewarding.

3 – You’re Working with People Who Want to Change

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as ploughing in time and effort to something and nothing changing. Unfortunately, that can happen with people too. However, individuals seeking out coaching are choosing to do so, and are invested (with time, money and energy) in the process. Working with people who are keen to learn, change and achieve is inspiring and motivating. The job satisfaction is enormous.

4 – You Make a Difference

Back to the concept of working purely to pay the bills – it rarely feels as if you’re doing something truly worthwhile or true to yourself. You go through the motions but are often left feeling disillusioned. What’s your effort actually for? With life coaching you get the privilege of doing something for money which is worthwhile. People value you so much they are willing to pay for it. That’s pretty amazing.

5 – You Can Work Flexibly

Very few of us find a career that delivers the work-life balance we strive for, and which is also rewarding. When you build your own life coach career you become the master of your own destiny. You decide the hours and the location. You decide how you will work and who you will work with. In many ways the usual framework of a career (such as location) becomes irrelevant. Life coaching as a career offers you freedom which you’ll seldom find elsewhere.

6 – You Develop and Grow

Being a life coach, whilst delivering a service to a client, you’re actually also accelerating your own development – personally and professionally. Life coaching is a profession in which you are constantly learning and evolving. You develop as your clients do. You learn more about yourself during a life coach career than you can in the majority of other professions. Each coach-client relationship is symbiotic and gives you something far more than pennies to pay the bills – it’s the driver of your own development.

7 – You Can Earn a Good Income

We have a few caveats here. Obviously what you earn as a life coach depends on your own personal success, experience, your business acumen, your specialism and niche, and of course how many clients. However, the potential to earn good money is there. Life coaching is a valued professional skill and therefore can lead to a good or excellent income.

8 – You Become Part of a Likeminded Community

Being part of a like-minded community is often undervalued in modern life. However, it is important for our sustained growth and acceptance, and feeling at ease with our place in the world. By choosing a life coach career you should, if you choose the right route, be opening up your horizons to a professional community in which you can network and feel ‘at home’.

9 – It Can Lead to Other Successes and Opportunities

Life coaching needn’t be its own destination in and of itself. Instead, you may discover that a life coach career is a springboard or platform to other personal goals and career paths. It may lead to teaching, psychotherapy, writing, public speaking, or any other number of careers. Who knows where it will ultimately take you?

Start A Rewarding Career as a Coach

Everyone has their own unique and personal reasons for embarking on a life coach career. However, the rewards and benefits are wide-reaching. If you’re ready to start your life coach career or want to book a spot on a free introductory day to find out more, you can  do so here!

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Justin is a professional writer and researcher and explores topics of coaching, coach training and personal development.
Justin Pickford

Justin is a professional writer and researcher and explores topics of coaching, coach training and personal development.

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