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Lucy Higgins

Lucy Higgins

Lucy is an International Coaching Federation accredited Executive and Career Coach who specialises in helping working parents to feel fulfilled and achieve work life harmony.

Prior to training as a Coach she spent a decade in Corporate Communications working at a top 10 PR agency on several well-known private and public sector accounts followed by Employee Communications roles client side at Nestle, London Underground and ITV. 

Although she enjoyed parts of her working week she found herself stuck in a recurring pattern of stress and anxiety. Her first maternity leave in 2010 provided the breathing space and perspective she needed to prioritise her mental health. Whilst looking after her two children she helped her husband build a start-up and embarked on two years of psychotherapy.

This life transition resulted in a powerful paradigm shift for Lucy followed by the motivation to change career. She had always known she wanted to help people, was passionate about mental fitness and was most comfortable in deep 1-1 conversations but had a strong inner critic who told her she shouldn’t change career. So after a friend recommended going to Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within”, she booked a ticket, had a truly transformative group coaching experience and on her return, signed up for the Animas Diploma in Transformative Coaching. UPW elevated her mindset, enabled her to “dance with the fear” and gave her a well overdue boost of clarity, confidence and courage.

Since 2018 Lucy has had her own thriving private coaching practice offering Zoom sessions, walk and talk sessions in her local forest and face to face sessions in her office in Berkhamsted, Herts. She’s also proud to work for global Coaching Consultancy Better Up as a Premier Fellow Coach and Working Parents Coach. 

In the coaching space she brings her own experience finding fulfillment and work life harmony as a working parent, her knowledge as a Sociology graduate, a Firework Certified Career Coach, a Motherhood Studies Practitioner (Dr Sophie Brock), a Perinatal Mental Health Ambassador and an NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner.

As our most recent addition to the Coach training faculty at Animas, Lucy provides a warm, authentic, nurturing, and fun space to experiment, learn and grow as Coaches together. She aims to facilitate an inclusive “campfire” environment where everyone feels psychologically safe to share their reflections on the content and how it is shaping their unique coaching style and often, their worldview.


Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.