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Are you passionate about coaching, but find your sessions sometimes feel flat?

Do you believe that clients have a deeper wisdom of their own, but find yourself trying to ask the right question or use the right tool?

You’re not alone. Many coaches experience this and more and more are incorporating a somatic approach to provide the missing piece.

“Soma” is an ancient Greek word that refers to the presence of body as a whole, the sensations, the felt, alive experience. Somatics, therefore, describes the practice of working with people in their wholeness.

Coach training alongside modern psychology has focused primarily on verbal communication and the cognitive, reflective mind (insight, logic, reason, mental meaning making). For all that this has accomplished in the last century, it isn’t the complete picture…

The current trend in therapy and developments in neuroscience suggest we’re on the brink of a movement, a cultural shift that is taking us from an understanding of the body as merely a taxi for the brain, to recognising the human being as an integrated system – an intelligent whole. And the emerging psychology of Embodied Cognition is revealing just how central to our intelligence our bodies really are.

Intellectualising or exclusively talking about problems can keep clients stuck in a rut. Through Somatic Coaching there is potential to experience more than is already known and break through old stories, frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour.

In The Somatic Coach the whole spectrum of the bodymind (sensation-emotion-imagination-cognition-intuition) becomes available, allowing creative and spontaneous ways of working that are rooted in experience, deeply felt, engaging and transformative.

This is a highly experiential programme drawing on some of the most established schools of body-centred therapy and Somatic practice, including: Hakomi, Focusing, Authentic Movement, Mindfulness and Gestalt.

Through the exploration of process-oriented methodologies you will discover how we can work from our bodies in a way that aligns with, rather that upends, the traditional talking approach of coaching, without necessarily leaving your seat, seamlessly enhancing your current coaching practices. And we will also explore other channels of communicating and relating.

Unlike some programmes that give you an all or nothing way of working, our aim is to ensure you discover your own style, creativity and unique application of Somatic Coaching principles.

The learning process will be based on these same Somatic principles, working experientially both individually and collectively. The way to know it is to experience it, not just in theory, but in practice. It is the ideal container for your continued professional development, rooted in your own embodied process.

Through this course you will learn a profoundly different way of being with your clients, but also a different way of paying attention to the world and your own sense of being in it.

Course Structure

Module 1: Awaken (sensing)

We live in a culture that is largely disembodied. So this module can be experienced as awakening the senses or coming home to the body. We’ll dip into biology, anatomy and Embodied Cognition to develop a foundational understanding of the bodymind. For many of us, actually being fully present to ourselves can feel like travelling into outer-space or the great unknown. Like “somanauts” you will explore the worlds that exist inside of your body and expand your conscious awareness. Through the use of subtle and non-intrusive methods you will learn how to help your clients come into contact with the body as sensed in the present moment. In this way you will enable clients to step back and thoughtfully attend to their internal experience and thus explore the ways in which they have been influenced and shaped by their unconscious.

On this module:

  • Learn somatic practices to come home to your body
  • Contracting for Somatic work
  • Learn to understand and explain how information from the body and present experience can be used to enhance deep awareness
  • Help your clients re-sensitise and identify their “felt sense”
  • Learn the five principles of the Hakomi Method: Mindfulness, nonviolence, unity, organicity, and mind-body integration
  • Enable clients to tap into their inner wisdom and their inherent capacity for self-discovery
  • What to do if your client doesn’t feel “anything” or feels “too much”
  • Learn about the three classes of embodied perception (Interception, Exteroception and Proprioception) and their role in coaching
  • Discover how an understanding of the nervous system can help you coach more effectively

Module 2: Resonate (relating)

This module explores how to use your whole self as a tool to adjust to your client and come into resonance with them. Helping the client tune into their own somatic experience and exploring your capacity to tune into what they are feeling too. This is about your relationship with your clients, their relationship with their bodymind experience, your relationship with your own, and how these all inter-relate. The Resonate module will help you develop skills to notice even seemingly unimportant details that may in fact be outward expressions of adaptations or implicit beliefs, bringing habitual behaviours to the client’s consciousness and exploring the meaning and impact of their experience.

On this module:

  • Establish a relationship in which it is safe for the client to become self-aware
  • Using language to effect physiology and energy systems
  • Discover how to attune to verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Learn how to work with your awareness and attention to help your client access somatic intelligence
  • Discover how to use non-disruptive Contact Statements to stay connected to your client’s present-moment experience
  • Using your own body as a relational tool and working with mirror-neurons to enhance your intuition
  • Learn how understanding the vagus nerve can help you maintain a healthy human connection with your client
  • Empower yourself and your clients to self-regulate and co-regulate, using your bodies as the means
  • Learn how to co-create and participate in mindful Experiments that evoke unconscious reactions for self-exploration
  • Explore ways of working with resistance as a Somatic Coach

Module 3: Express & Integrate (moving/moving forward)

Everything we’ve experienced over the years including trauma, physical and emotional pain, happy memories as well as sad, have been stored in the cells of our bodies. Express & Integrate helps clients engage with their active imagination, allowing unconscious material to flow outward. In this module you will incorporates movement to expand the embodying dimensions of the work you and your client have done together. This is especially beneficial for those who have difficulty processing their issues verbally through traditional forms of coaching. Here, we tap into the aliveness of the body and learn how to help clients take conscious action. The coach helps clients practice, adopt, and integrate positive new experiences, beliefs, and choices into their current everyday lives and embody these changes.

On this module:

  • Learn how to use Clean Language to create a bridge between the verbal mind and the body mind.
  • Work with strong emotions and bound energy, safely releasing them, and finding nourishment in the release
  • Learn how to support the Healing Process and facilitate provision of Missing Experiences
  • Help clients surrender to their feelings and experiences through genuine, expressive movement
  • Learn how to create a safe space in which clients can increase self-awareness through movement
  • Learn the vital skill of Witnessing, foster trust, and develop a supportive, non-judgmental presence as coach
  • Bring more spontaneity and play into your coaching sessions.
  • Offer clients an experiential way to work out their issues and help them explore ways to use their newly acquired knowledge to affect change.

Throughout the course, students will also explore and discuss practical issues such as:

  • How to talk to others about Somatics
  • Somatic Coaching in-person and online
  • What to do in-between sessions
  • Ending a Somatic Coaching relationship


The course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation as providing 44 hours of Continuing Coach Education.

Course Fee

The cost of this pioneering course is £2250.

0% payment plan available:

Secure your place with £300 deposit, then pay three payments of £650 over the next three months.

Dates & Location

The Somatic Coach is delivered through three in-person training modules.

Each in-person module takes place over two days from 10.00am until 5.30pm and takes place on the following dates:

  • 27th-28th April
  • 18th-19th May
  • 15th-16th June


Contact for Autumn enrolment.


Central London


Moor Place, 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT

Course Trainer

Nathan Blair

Course Trainer

After qualifying at Animas, Nathan joined the team to head up the Centre for Professional Coach Development before taking over as the Animas Course Consultant. His passion for somatics took him to California where he worked as a Connection & Intimacy Coach, facilitated weekly Men’s Groups and led workshops on...

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