Free Books and Videos on Coaching

Free eBooks


Download free eBooks from Animas including books on coaching and coaching case-studies. No email required.

Coaching Demonstrations


Watch video demonstrations of real coaching and get a feel for what happens in coaching session.

Faculty Talks

Faculty Talks

Watch talks given by members of the Animas Faculty and hear what they’re thinking about and working on.

Animas Graduate Talks

Graduate Talks

Watch talks given by graduates from Animas sharing their stories of how they created their coaching businesses.

Join us for a FREE Workshop

Are you interested in training as a coach? If so, how about learning more at the free Introduction to Transformational Coaching.

You’ll explore how coaching has changed in recent years along with the psychological and philosophical foundations of coaching and how, as well as creating a space for goal-setting and an action focus, coaching now provides a space for deep personal reflection and transformation.

You’ll also discover the paths open to you once you qualify as a coach with Animas, from enhancing your workplace role to creating your own independent practice as a coach.

To reserve a spot, CLICK HERE to visit the Introduction to Coaching page and choose your date.