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Reflecting on Supervision and Systems in Coaching – A Conversation with Eve Turner

Coaching Uncaged
Coaching Uncaged
Reflecting on Supervision and Systems in Coaching - A Conversation with Eve Turner

For me, all my work is about “not business as usual”, because I think I’m conscious of the challenges of supporting a system that I think is broken. 

Join coach, supervisor and author, Eve Turner, in conversation with Yannick Jacob as they explore the role of coaching supervision.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Eve and Yannick explore:

  • The role of coaching supervision
  • Using recorded sessions
  • Clarifying supervision
  • The three functions of supervision
  • Techniques for generating supervisory awareness
  • Reflective practice skills
  • The importance of the contract in coaching
  • Time To Think supervision
  • Bringing the system into the room
  • Making supervision fun
  • Climate and ecological-crisis coaching
  • What is transformation in coaching

 About Eve Turner

Eve has had three careers, in music, broadcasting and now coaching and supervision.  She sees their links through her interest in communication, collaboration and interrelationships.  

As a classical guitarist and then a willing, if not very able, orchestral conductor, Eve learned how the whole can be so much more than the sum of the parts and how the quality of the communication and relationships affected the outcome.  


She was a journalist, senior leader and internal coach in the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) before setting up her own practice.  Eve has won many awards for her research, writing, coaching and supervision.  

She does extensive volunteering alongside a busy practice: this includes co-founding and being part of the coordinating group for the Climate Coaching Alliance, founding and co-leading the Global Supervisors’ Network, and as immediate past chair of the coaching and supervision professional body APECS, and volunteering for the AC and EMCC.  


Eve’s books include ‘Ecological and Climate-conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice’ (2023) co-edited with the late Alison Whybrow, Josie McLean and Peter Hawkins, ‘The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook’ (2023) co-edited with Wendy-Ann Smith, Jonathan Passmore, Yi-Ling Lai and David Clutterbuck, ‘Systemic Coaching’(2020) with Peter Hawkins, and ‘The Heart of Coaching Supervision – Working with Reflection and Self-care’ (2019) co-edited with Stephen Palmer.  


Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.

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