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Bringing Positive Psychology Into Coaching: A Discussion With Yannick Jacob

Coaching Uncaged
Coaching Uncaged
Bringing Positive Psychology Into Coaching: A Discussion With Yannick Jacob

In this conversation Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by Positive Psychologist, Existential Coach, Trainer, Supervisor Yannick Jacob to dive into the world of positive psychology, and its relationship to coaching.

Yannick shares how he works with positive psychology, some of the benefits of bringing positive psychology approaches into the coaching space, and how you can begin to think about integrating it into your own coaching.

Yannick also touches on flow state, and explores some of the positive psychology informed approaches that coaches can work with to create conditions for people to be more in flow.

Finally Yannick shares some details around the upcoming Certificate in Positive Psychology including what he brings to the space, what’s covered in a nutshell, and some of the key takeaways from the weekend.

You can find out more about Yannick and his work here: http://www.coachingandmediation.net/


We hope that you’ll enjoy this conversation!

If you want to find out more about bringing positive psychology into your coaching, you can book a spot on our upcoming Accredited Certificate in Positive Psychology that takes place this weekend (14-15 November) with Yannick here: https://www.animascoaching.com/blog/events/accredited-certificate-in-positive-psychology-2/


Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.

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