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Behind the Curtain at Animas Episode 2: A Discussion With Animas Founder and CEO Nick Bolton

Coaching Uncaged
Coaching Uncaged
Behind the Curtain at Animas Episode 2: A Discussion With Animas Founder and CEO Nick Bolton

In this episode, the second instalment of our ‘behind the curtain’ conversations Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by Founder and CEO Nick Bolton as they share what’s been happening behind the scenes at Animas, reflect back on 2020, and some of the exciting things that are in the plans for 2021.

Nick and Robert recap on their last ‘behind the curtain’ conversation back in August and discuss how the business has grown and developed since then, touching on new additions to the team, new offerings for the community and new and exciting endeavours that are already in motion and expected to really take off in 2021.

They also take a look back at 2020, and share their thoughts, reflections and learnings around the shift to virtual training, the addition of both a Community and Events Manager and Head of Social Impact to the Animas team and what it offers to the Animas community and wider world.

Finally Nick and Robert share their key takeaways from this year, the pride that they both take in what the Animas team has achieved and the ways in which they’ve grown and evolved in the face of challenge,

as well as sharing some more detail around some of the exciting developments that you can expect to see in 2021

If you want to know more about what’s happening behind the scenes at Animas as we come to the end of 2020 and move full steam ahead for 2021 be sure to tune into this episode!

Nick also founded the International Centre for Coaching Supervision whose mission is to enable coaches from across the world to access an exceptional coaching supervision course through accredited, virtual live-training. If you’re interested in training as a coach supervisor you can find out more here: https://iccs.co/

For those of you that have tuned in this year, thanks for your support, we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to Coaching Uncaged as much as we have enjoyed being part of such brilliant conversations.

Here’s to 2021!


Nick is the founder and CEO of the Animas and International Centre for Coaching Supervision. Along with his love of coaching and supervision, he is a a passionate learner with a fascination for philosophy, psychology and sociology.

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