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Dog and a Hedgehog


Sam Ortyl

Dog and a Hedgehog

You are probably thinking what the heck does a dog and a hedgehog have to do with life coaching? Well, if you stay with me I will explain all.

The first time I coached someone, I was hooked, it was like being reborn again – that great feeling of discovering, overwhelming joy and satisfaction that was taking over my whole mind and body…this was it! I just knew that coaching was my path.

I had begun harassing google for as much related information as I could find on coaching and what the steps were to become one of “them”. I think this poor little search engine become fed up with my increasingly weird questions about this topic as it led me straight to Animas, via a recommendation on a forum.

After meeting the Animas Crew and Mr Animas himself, Nick Bolton during one of their free introduction to coaching events in London, I knew this was the place for me! There was an overwhelming sense of community, knowledge and human connection in the room. Time to go all in!

I couldn’t wait for my training to start, I was sooo eager to begin coaching,  change people lives for the better, rescue them from their misery and become the saviour of the universe…. wait,  where’s my superman t-shirt.

But when that moment came, something really weird happened –

I had imagined that as soon as I started the course, there would be hundreds of people outside my house asking for me to help them, but obviously, that did not happen! 

And for the first time, I felt like a dog playing with a hedgehog. I knew I wanted to do it, it was just in front of me, but I had no idea how to reach for it. This coaching hedgehog was staring me straight in the eyes asking me to play with it, but I did not know how….. 

I soon came to realise that it was just circumstances, and of course, lack of training that stopped me from doing this in the past, so then, it was just my own inner barriers that I had to overcome. 

Things slowly started happening, I had done my first few sessions and felt a bit more confident in my aspiration to become a life coach and save the world, wait… where did I put my Superman t-shirt this time? 

I was always happy and excited to attend training days and community events. Meeting up with all the other ‘Animates’ always recharges me with bucket loads of positive energy. 

It was during the third module, ‘Presence’ when Animas trainer and personal hero of mine, Marcus Stone gave me that eureka moment.  This was the weekend when I came to the realisation that I had been treating this journey like a competition and kept comparing my results to others.

It sounds stupid, but I was doing this without even noticing. I realised that I was constantly living in the future missing out of all the great things that were happening “now”. All those great people that surrounded me and the bonds that we have created along the way. It became clear to me that by chasing a goal I started changing myself without even noticing.

The ‘Presence’ module helped me to wake up and reconnect with who I really am at the core. All I had to do was simply let go and become me again. This was very liberating and uplifting, and from that moment I have been able to enjoy life and connect with people on a much deeper level. 

The further I walk this path, the more internal barriers I discover, so I guess the story of a dog with a hedgehog will continue. But I feel like the dog is starting to understand the importance of the spikes on the hedgehog’s body. They force the dog to become smarter, stronger, more resilient and creative in his approach. 

The dog is slowly learning…and that dog is me!

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