Discover How You Can Become A Coach At Our Free Introduction To Transformational Coaching

Discover How You Can Become A Coach At Our Free Introduction To Transformational Coaching

Find Out If Coaching Is For You

Are you interested in becoming a coach and want to know more?

Perhaps people have said you’d make a great coach and that you have a way of helping people see things more clearly.

Or maybe you already know that you want to train as a coach and you’re just looking for the right school to start your journey.

Either way,  our FREE Introduction to Transformational Coaching could be for you!

This 3-hour intimate virtual group training session is your chance to find out more about coaching and to learn about the Animas approach.

It’s live and fully interactive and so offers a great way to ask your questions and engage in a deep discussion around coaching.

Take your first step towards becoming a coach by  booking your free spot today.

The Essentials

Our aim is to help you find out all you need to know while giving you a flavour of the experience of our training.

3 hours of live, interactive discussion and exploration.
Fully virtual so you can take part wherever you are.
Led by experienced coaches who can answer all your questions.
Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions.

Our Facilitators

Bronwyn Nash




Cari Sivills


Harpreet Sandhu



Sessions run for 3 hours. All times are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

These are not traditional sit and listen webinars but fully interactive sessions with lots of discussion and small break out sessions. We believe it’s vital that you immerse yourself in the ideas if you’re going to train as a coach.

Of course, we’ll also take a short break to enable you to stretch your legs and hydrate!

What You'll Learn

The session is highly interactive and through teaching, discussion and practise, you’ll get to explore.

What is coaching?
How does coaching differ from therapy & mentoring?
Where has coaching come from & how is it changing?
The 3 levels of coaching and the transformational approach
The skills and qualities of a great coach
How can you use coaching to make an impact?
Which of the 4 professional paths as a coach is right for you?
What's your vision for coaching as a path?

What You'll Need

This is a virtual session and you will receive details to join us online in your confirmation and reminder emails.

Desktop, laptop or tablet


Headphones & microphone


Built-in camera

What Our Students Say