Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Train as a life coach, executive coach or internal coach with our ICF accredited coaching course.

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If you’re looking to train as a life coach, executive coach, or internal coach within an organisation, then our Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching has been designed for you. Over a number of months, you will progress from taking your first steps in to coaching through to a high-level of competence across a range of powerful and impactful coaching approaches.

The programme combines live training with a mix of on and offline learning approaches to ensure you become a coach who’s able to work confidently with a diverse range of clients, issues and coaching styles to create profound and lasting change in people’s lives and work.

With exceptional accreditation from the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching, our coaching course will ensure you can work as a coach both in the UK and around the world.

Philosophically, our course stands apart. We believe that coaching is about much more than simply goal achievement. Whilst goals are often an important aspect of coaching, at its best, coaching is an exploration of beliefs, values, attitudes, assumptions and behaviours – an individual’s personal paradigm. This widening of enquiry to a client’s underlying mental model sets Animas apart as a transformational coaching school. Personal change is rarely linear or simple. It is complex, uncertain and full of possibility for new responses and Animas is leading the way in a style of coaching that’s responsive to that reality.

To find out more about our Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, simply click the sections below to dive deeper in to the details of the course.

Course Content

The Animas life coaching course has been built around an integrative approach and helps you master some of the most important recent developments in coaching to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to work at multiple levels with clients. Taught in an experiential, down-to-earth manner and with a focus on practice, you’ll learn a number of core theoretical coaching frameworks that contribute to a integrative coaching approach.

You’ll explore

  • Core coaching principles and skills
  • Person-Centred Theory and Practice
  • Solution-Focused Coaching approaches
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Transactional Analysis Coaching
  • Narrative Coaching

This is not about simply scratching the surface of each, however, but enabling you integrate a range of approaches under the collaborative principle that is the central strength of coaching.

Alongside these core and advanced coaching skills, you’ll also learn key professional skills to support you in your growth as a coach. These include areas such contracting, working with practice clients, accreditation issues, reflective practice codes of conduct and other related areas of practice.

The Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching ensures you become confident and skilled as a coach to work in the personal field or the workplace.


Over around five months, our coaching course moves you from core coaching principles to advanced practice which you will learn to confidently and skillfully integrate in to your work with clients. The training on the Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching is delivered over five modules with each covering a different area of coaching practice and theory that ensures you both deepen and expand your coaching skills and knowledge.

Module 1 – Foundations

Foundations is where your journey to become a coach starts. The module introduces you to the key principles of coaching, gets you practising and prepares you to start coaching clients outside of the training room.

On this module, you will learn how to:
  • Build collaborative partnerships with your clients
  • Develop deep listening
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Use clarification and reflection to deepen understanding
  • Set the outcomes and goals of coaching
  • Use the GROW Model to start coaching – this is your starter model
  • Use TOOLKIT, the Animas core model
  • Draw on the qualities of coaching from the Animas 6Cs of Coaching
  • Establish the coaching relationship
  • Find and work with clients to build practical experience

Module 2 – Cognition

Cognition explores the theory and practice of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, to enable you to help the client understand and change the thinking patterns which may be driving how they act and the results they are getting.

On this module, you will learn how to:
  • The theory and principles of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • Coaching with the STAR model to change repeating patterns of ineffective behaviour
  • Using the A-F model in coaching to explore and replace limiting beliefs
  • Working with the SPACE model to help a client explore the full range of their experience
  • Coaching around values and value clashes
  • Using creative visualisation in coaching

Module 3 – Presence

Presence encourages you to slow down your coaching and become more aware and tuned into the quality of the coaching space. Drawing from both Person-Centred and Gestalt practice, you will explore how to work more fully with what emerges in the coaching space.

On this module, you will learn how to:
  • Developing and maintaining a deep presence
  • Managing obstacles to presence
  • Bringing your reflective self in coaching
  • Working with the here and now experience
  • Allowing and working with silence and space
  • Remaining committed but unattached

Module 4 – Transactions

Transactions explores how individuals relate both to themselves and to others in ways which either empower or disempower them. Using concepts from Transactional Analysis as a starting point, you will apply these ideas and models to your coaching.

On this module, you will learn how to:
  • Identifying and working with Ego States and Transaction Types
  • Coaching through Life Scripts and Script Processes
  • Identifying and changing Life Positions
  • Noticing and challenge discounting behaviours that keep clients stuck
  • Recognising Games and how to interrupt them
  • Working with Karpman’s Drama Triangle

Module 5 – Paradigms

In Paradigms, your final module, you will explore the concept of an individual’s model of the world and how this is revealed consciously and unconsciously through the person’s stories, language and metaphors.

As this is your last module, we will also take this opportunity to explore your next steps to become a professional coach ensuring that you know what lies ahead for you in your coaching journey.

On this module, you will learn how to:
  • Surfacing with the client’s paradigm
  • Narrative coaching principles
  • Re-authoring and Re-membering
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Reframing questions and approaches
  • Clean Language
  • Your next professional steps
Specialist Webinars

Professional Skills Classes

A series of five videos cover important areas of practice that enhance your understanding of professional practice in coaching with each forming the basis for a group conversation on the lives training modules.

You’ll focus on:

  • For Foundations – The Coaching Journey: Beginnings, Middles & Ends
  • For Cognition – Contracting and Re-contracting
  • For Presence – Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  • For Transactions – Ethics, Boundaries and Competencies
  • For Paradigms – Accreditation and Credentialing

In Summary

As you can see, our life coaching course offers a powerful blend of cutting-edge coaching styles delivered in an experiential and transformational way so that you not only learn the skills but experience them first hand.


One of the reasons people enjoy the Animas course so much is the exceptional support we offer and the feeling that they are part of a warm, caring community. It’s very easy to feel isolated when you’re studying and practising, so we’ve put in place several support mechanisms to help you along the way.

In addition to the live training modules, you will benefit from:

  • A Personal Coaching Mentor to support your practice
  • Weekly online Group Coaching-Supervision around your client work
  • Weekly Observed Coaching Practicums
  • AnimasConnect – A state-of-the-art online community for students and alumni with access to events, specialist groups and so much more
  • Study Pack with course-specific books and Learning Journal
  • An exclusive, private group online community

Personal Coaching Mentor

You’ll be given your own personal mentor who will offer three hours of direct one-to-one support on your learning journey, client work and qualification process. Each mentor has been through our programme and now has a successful private coaching practice.

Weekly online Group Coaching-Supervision around your client work

You’ll receive expert support on your live coaching-practice and other training related issues through online small-group mentoring. The sessions will help you unlock your true potential as a coach by increasing your skills, confidence and ability to reflect constructively on your coaching whilst learning from the experience of your fellow coaches. You also gain lifetime supervision so you know you always have a space to explore tricky issues in coaching or to just check in on your practice.

Weekly Online Observed Practicums

Although not compulsory, you’ll have access to fortnightly sessions in which you can call and coach, be coached or simply listen in to learn from others. The Observed Practicum is a safe space for our coaches to practise their skills in front of a supervisor for live feedback.

Study Pack with course-specific books and learning journal

On enrolling, you’ll be sent a beautiful box of course books within days. The Study Pack contains a book for each module written by Accredited Master Coach, and Animas founder, Nick Bolton along with a Learning Journal that is carefully structured around the course to support you in reflective practice.

Animas Connect

Animas Connect is our state of the art alumni platform for students and graduates of Animas combining an interactive map so you can see where your fellow coaches are, the ability to run your own groups, book events, search the Animas community for skilled professionals and so much more. We believe that we are the only private training school that has a facility like this and it is proving truly groundbreaking.

An exclusive, closed group online community

We run a wonderful online community using Facebook as the platform. This allows coaches to stay connected as much as they want and we find this has taken a life of its own with coaches celebrating successes, sharing ideas, offering practice clients and much more.

How the course is delivered

The Diploma in Transformational Coaching is delivered through a range of learning approaches that are designed to help broaden and deepen your understanding and practice of coaching at a practical and theorectical level.

The learning is comprised of a mix of:

  • Live training in groups
  • 1-2-1 mentoring on your coaching
  • Teleclasses and webinars
  • Online group supervision
  • Real-life client work
  • Reading and reflection
  • Interaction on an online forum

The live training takes place in central London and offers a warm, friendly and enjoyable space to discover and practise coaching.

The live training is a mix of:

  • Classroom learning
  • Group discussion
  • Demonstrations from the course leader
  • Practice sessions with your fellow coaches
  • Reflections on your sessions

Outside the live training, you’ll have a wealth of support and resources including a personal mentor who will guide you through your learning journey, group supervision to discuss your client coaching, webinars to focus on specific coaching knowledge and a fabulously vibrant community with whom to share ideas and address questions.

Our aim is to offer a rich and varied experience of learning to help you become an exceptional coach.

Accreditation & Qualification


Acsth Logo

The Diploma in Transformational Coaching has gone through two rigorous quality assurance procedures.

123 hours ICF ACSTH

It is recognised by the International Coach Federation as providing 123 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours – more than twice the amount required to become credentialed with the ICF.

Association for Coaching ADCT

The life coaching course is also accredited with the Association for Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body, as an Accredited Diploma in Coach Training. This distinction makes it one of the very few in the world to hold this level of accreditation.

We are proud of our relationship with these prestigious coaching bodies and the fact that it means coaches like you can practise anywhere in the world.


Qualification is achieved through a mixture of learning, practice and reflection. We hope it is rigorous but enjoyable and challenging yet manageable. Our key aim is to make it developmental at every step of the way.

To qualify you must complete the following::

  • Attend all 5 course modules
  • Complete three one-to-one coaching-supervision sessions
  • Complete and log 40 coaching sessions
  • Undertake 6 sessions of being coached
  • Complete and submit a 1000 – 1500 word reflective essay on your emerging approach
  • Complete and submit a 1000 – 1500 word client case study
  • Submit a final recorded coaching session for assessment

Our aim with this structure is to ensure that the learning is practical, theoretical and personal using a mix of the practical coaching, reading and reflection.

Course Fee and Payment Plans

The course fee is £4,495 (inc. VAT and all costs).

As you may have already gathered, one of the things that makes us different is that we are truly passionate about nurturing our amazing community of coaches. We care that you succeed with your coaching practice – whatever that means to you.

This means that, when you enrol, you get a lot more than just a course – you join a community.

So there are many things that we provide for your ongoing support, far beyond the course itself, that are also included in your enrolment package, such as:

  • Everything you need to qualify – including live training, supervision, one-to-one coach-mentoring, study materials, assessment and certification
  • Lifetime of Coaching Supervision – for ongoing support with your client work
  • Lifelong membership of our community and online resources
  • Animas Connect – online platform to network with Animas coaches across the world, create groups and events and collaborate on projects of common interests. Check it out here
  • Animas Lounge & Business Lab – our vibrant and super-active private Facebook groups
  • Animas Coaching Directory – helping you to connect with paying clients
  • Social Impact project – coaching opportunities with our charity partners
  • Regular guest lectures & educational events – always great for fuelling the mind and networking with your fellow Animates
  • Social events – including our fabulous summer picnics and Christmas parties !
  • Annual Animas Summit – the most inspiring day in the Animas calendar where our graduates share their journey into the coaching world (a small fee just to cover costs)

Special Offer: Our current special offer means you also get free access to our short course: ‘Kickstart Your Coaching Practice’ – supporting you in starting your own professional coaching business, following qualification.

Payment Plans

When you’re ready to secure your spot, all you need to do is pay a minimum £495 deposit.

The deposit also gives you immediate and lifelong access to all of our resources and a lifetime community membership.

You will receive your Study Pack of course books in a few days and can start to enjoy your coaching journey even before you’ve entered the training room.

Then, to pay the balance, we have these options:

1. Pay in full

Pay everything at least 4 weeks before your course starts, saving £150 on the course fee.

2. Interest-free instalments

Pay with interest-free instalments until the 5th and final month of live training, with 8 instalments max, via direct debit.

3. Interest-bearing instalments – UK Only

For UK students seeking longer-term payment plans, we are able to offer credit from 1 to 4 years through a trusted third-party credit provider. With this option you could pay less than £115 per month for the four year term.

Cancellation Policy

For your peace of mind, we offer a 14 days full-refund cancellation period after enrolment. In addition, to reduce your risk, we offer you a further 14 days after you experience the first module to decide if you want to withdraw from the course and incur only the non-refundable deposit of £495.

Dates and Location


Times: All training takes place from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Module dates

Tow see a full list of all dates across all locations, click the button below for a PDF download.

2018 Dates for All Locations

London Training Venue

Regents University
Inner Circle,
London NW1 4NS

Edinburgh Training Venue

Radisson Blu Hotel
80 High Street,
The Royal Mile,
Edinburgh EH1 1TH

Manchester Training Venue

Holiday Inn Manchester City
25 Aytoun St
Manchester M1 3AE

Dublin Training Venue

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
8 Golden Lane

Berlin Training Venue

Park Inn Alexanderplatz
Alexanderplatz. 7
10178 Berlin

Articles, Links and Resources

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How Animas meets the credentialing requirements of the ICF and the Association for Coaching – Download Here
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How to Enrol.

Whilst there are no formal eligibility requirements for enrolling on this course, it is important that we have a conversation with all potential students to ensure that the course is a mutual fit.

For that reason, enrolment is by application followed up with a conversation.

Applying is easy. Simply click APPLY NOW and complete the fields on the online form. We’ll then call you for chat to make sure this is a good fit.

If you then decide to go ahead, we’ll take a deposit of £495 to secure your spot, agree your payment option for the balance and reserve your place on your chosen dates and location.

You’ll then be ready to begin your journey to train as a coach.

Course Trainers

All of our trainers are ICF credentialed and remain actively coaching with their own private practices. This ensures that they bring a rich depth of experience in their work which they can draw upon and share with you on your learning journey.

They are also each unique in their approach and bring their particular expertise to bear on the Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, whether that’s in specific modes of psychological practice or their own style as a coach.

A common saying in coaching goes, who you are is how you coach. It’s true and that’s why we ensure you gain training from each of these exceptional coaches across the modules, so you receive a balance of approaches and ideas to help you grow as a coach.

Robert Stephenson

Robert is the Head of Training at Animas. With a strong focus on working with people’s narratives, Rob helps individuals and groups discover what they really want and helps uncover the stories they tell themselves to remain stuck, lost or confused. As a former actor, Rob infuses his training with energy, fun and dynamism whilst ensuring that you learn the skills and ideas that will ensure you become an exceptional coach.

Emily Johnston

Emily runs a successful coaching practice, focusing on holistic health and wellbeing through self-awareness, meditation, and mindfulness, working both with individuals, and in schools. Her aim in all her work is to bring space and peace into people’s lives and empower them to discover their own answers. Emily trained as a Montessori teacher before becoming a health and wellbeing practitioner. She has worked in the corporate sector, and now works in schools to increase wellbeing of staff and students through workshops and meditation.

Marcus Stone

Marcus draws upon person centred practices, use of self and, spaciousness and silence to helps clients feel in to what’s going on within themselves and their situation. Outside of Animas, Marcus runs a practice working with people in their post mid-life moment who feel lost or ready for a new start. With compassion and kindness combined with acute observational skills, Marcus helps people take the journeys they need to in order to become the person they want to be.

Bronwyn Nash

Bronwyn is a successful life coach specialising in creative exploration of individual’s lives from the magic space of a camper van! A former HR practitioner, Bronwyn is well versed in the use of coaching in the workspace and is able to span both the personal and workspace role of coaching.

Laure Polidori

Laure is our Head of Qualifications and Mentoring and provides mentoring to students to help them through the learning journey of the course and also their coaching work with clients. As a coaching supervisor with vast experience of mentoring and supporting coaches, she brings a warmth, perceptiveness and humour to her work with students so they feel supported and at ease. Outside of Animas, Laure continues to coach and supervise privately.

Michele Kingston-Malone

Michele is a coaching mentor and works with students to support them with both their client work and their journey through the diploma. A specialist in mindfulness and wellness coaching, Michele has created an active coaching practice working with both individuals and groups alongside her work with Animas.

FREE Introduction to
Transformational Coaching

Join us for a FREE day in London or Edinburgh to discover what transformational coaching is and what it means for you to become a business or life coach. In a warm and friendly environment, you’ll explore:

  • What transformational coaching is and how it differs from traditional coaching.
  • What coaching is responding to in how people live today.
  • The five career or private pathways you might follow after qualification.
  • How you can work as a coach and the kinds of clients you might work with.
  • The Animas approach to coach training and a walk-through of the programme.