Specialist Short Coaching CPD

The Animas Coaching CPD Short Courses have been designed for qualified coaches seeking to extend their knowledge and skills.

Each course explores the practice and theory of specialist areas of working within coaching and is accompanied by a comprehensive course book written by a leading specialist in the field.

The Coaching CPD Short Courses are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and provide 12 hours Continuing Coach Educations each and so are ideal for meeting the ICF’s requirements to renew your credentials.

Certificate in Existential Coaching

  • 12 Hours ICF recognised Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
  • Learn existential coaching in practice
  • Explore how individuals confront and live out the human condition
  • Phenomenology, disindentification and other existential approaches

Our Certificate in Existential Coaching enables you to create more lasting and significant change with your clients – exploring big questions, and what it means to be human; an increasingly valuable coaching focus in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

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Certificate in Group Coaching

  • 12 Hours ICF recognised Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
  • Small group coaching approaches including Action Learning and Balint
  • Lareg group process including Open Space and World Cafe
  • Group dynamics in practice

Whether you wish to offer action learning sets for senior management, a mastermind experience for entrepreneurs, or a large facilitated session for a whole organisation, group coaching can be used in countless contexts.

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Certificate in Mindfulness for Coaching

  • 12 Hours ICF recognised Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
  • Learn mindfulness practice to support you as a coach
  • Develop a mindfulness toolkit to offer and teach clients
  • Expand your client work to include ways of being

In this course we cover the core skills of mindfulness, specifically looking at how it can be used for you and your clients, both within and outside of sessions. We also explore how it can be used within coaching sessions to increase insight, self-awareness, creativity, perspective and help us deal with challenging emotions.

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Certificate in Positive Psychology for Coaching

  • 12 Hours ICF recognised Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
  • Explore the science behind happiness and what it offers you within coaching
  • Learn how to apply positve psychology theory in practice as a coach
  • Discover approaches to helping clients achieve flow and tap in to positive emotions

The Certificate in Positive Psychology for Coaching will help you understand more about what motivates people and the pillars of a good life. You will develop a language to celebrate your clients’ strengths and become clearer in how to helps clients a more rounded, positve sense of their life.

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