The Animas Summit 2017 Review

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16th November 2018

Yesterday, 170 Animites gathered for the Third – Animas Annual Summit at the beautiful, Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Gardens. Here are some of the post ‘Summit’ reactions and comments coming through via Social Media from attendees and guest speakers…

Sulu Fontana, said

“What an incredible day that was!

Thank you to the whole Animas team for all their hard work and dedication, for consistently providing us wonderful opportunities for personal and professional growth with such genuine passion; and for being a school with a human heart.

Thank you to all the speakers for their brave honesty in sharing their stories, for inspiring us to show up authentically, and reminding us that we all have something wonderfully unique to offer, to contribute to the world.

Yesterday was also special to me personally for another reason: I’ve long held a belief that I can’t go around a room full of people I respect and connect, and I sure as hell can’t network, without fumbling incoherently. The energy of the room, the warm sense of inclusiveness this community offers and the courageous authenticity of all present really helped me feel a sense of belonging, and encouraged me to just be me.

I came home thinking ‘Yes, I can dream, I can at times feel clueless; I can feel the fear and do it anyway; I can experiment and make mistakes, as we all do sometimes, and still get to where I want to be; I can dust myself off and try something else with new learnings and growth; yes, with all of this, not in spite of it, I can dream, we all can, dream and turn those dreams into reality”.

Caroline Kavanagh, said

“Wow what a fabulous day for me. It opened my eyes to the fact that I should just be ME, courtesy of Liz Goodchild , who I particularly enjoyed, with her down to earth natural approach – I definitely will be mindful of it.

All the contributors were perfect for the day being honest and totally authentic sharing their stories.

I don’t start my study until January however I already feel like part of a great community.

So looking forward to even more personal development, success and fun oh and a thriving coaching business or is it a transformational dialogue business

And thank you Nick Bolton and all your team for all your amazing work”.

Dimitra Tzigiannia, said

“I got so much love and positivity out of the summit yesterday! It was great to hear all the authentic stories shared not only from the speakers but also from each coach I had the pleasure to meet and talk to in person.

Thank you all!

And thanks to Nick for inviting me to share my social impact tips on stage – this opportunity has empowered me to work even harder for the causes I believe in. Much love to all”.

Liz Goodchild, said

“Yowzers! Yesterday was bloody brilliant! Thank you so much, Nick, Robert, Jay, Karen, Laure and the rest of the team, for organising such a thoughtful, well-organised and engaging event. Thank you too, to Patrick, Drew, Osman and Fawzia, who helped me through the day, as we sat there at the Table of Terror, with your kindness and support — it helped to know that you were absolutely shitting yourselves too.

And last of all, an enormous thank you to everyone who came along to the event to listen and learn and share —

I learnt so much from the other talks and panels and discussions, and it’s given me so much food for thought going forward, especially around my wider contribution to the world. Kevin, you mentioned something about how we can all contribute 1%, please could you point me in the direction of finding out more about this organisation?

Despite my incredible nerves, it was so comforting to stand up there on the stage and see you all — you made me feel so welcome and safe.

I fly back to Germany tomorrow, but I’ll be back and hope to catch up with you all again soon at another Animas event.

Thanks for allowing me to be me yesterday, you lovely lot. It meant the world to me.

Right, I’m off to hunker down in my decompression chamber….

Over and out”.

Ross Nichols, said

“Another great Animas Summit! Here are my highlights and takeaways

1. Nick Bolton on the future of coaching.

2. Ramon’s advice on how to niche: imagine coaching yourself.

3. Liz Goodchild’s courage, vulnerability and authenticity – and her wonderful northern dirty laugh – I’m a plastic Geordie so it reminded me of my roots.

4.  Fawzia Bheekhun’s stillness and presence when she spoke about being with her clients affected by traumatic experiences – I still had goosebumps over this when I got home to Salisbury.

5.  Above all the opportunity to connect and re-connect with the Animas community – I needed this as I don’t get up to Town very often so a big Thank You to everyone for simply being there”.

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