The Animas Social Impact Summit: All You Need to Know

Animas Social Impact Summit

19th September 2020

At Animas we are big on social impact. In fact one of our 4 mission statements is:

“To harness the power of our community to make a clear social impact by establishing coaching programmes in areas that otherwise would struggle to access it.”

And we’re dedicated to this.

From the Coach4Care project which saw Animas trainers delivering coach training to ex-carers so that they could help current carers deal with the difficulties faced in their roles, to various programmes such as MoreHappi, Support Haven and the Mylife programme just to name a few, which were all set up by coaches within the Animas community, we have always had an active interest in where we can make a social impact, and support our community of coaches to do the same.

From this place of wanting to make a profound and long-lasting social impact on the world, we created our first ever virtual social impact summit, featuring members of the Animas community sharing inspiring, practical stories and advice from the brilliant social impact work they’re doing, and the impact it’s having on communities and the wider world.

From talks on the environment through to those centred around social enterprise, this free virtual event is really not one to be missed and as such, we have laid out all you need to know in this article to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the conversations!

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When does the summit take place?

The summit takes place on Tuesday 22nd September, starting at 9am and running until around 6pm. There’s a lineup of 15 speakers from the Animas community all sharing stories, advice and insight from their own social impact endeavours. Each talk lasts around 45 minutes, and you can see the schedule for the day on the summit site, or find a list of speakers below!

How does it work?

So this event is a little different to summits that we have done in the past. The first and perhaps more obvious reason is that it’s of course entirely virtual! We didn’t want to let the current challenges prevent us from putting on a great event, and one that speaks to the important topic of social impact, and so we did what we needed to do to make this event one that could be attended and enjoyed from wherever you are.

existential coaching world view

Also, the event is not a live event as might be expected from a virtual summit, but a series of recently pre-recorded discussions that we will be sharing with you for you to watch and engage with. This means that you don’t need to worry about missing a talk, because it will be there for you to watch at your own leisure should you not be able to make the scheduled time – as long as you’re registered for a place of course!

How do I book my spot?

For you to be able to watch all of the talks, and get the links and schedule straight to your inbox, all you have to do is register for your spot. It’s as simple as that! So why hesitate? Book your spot now and we look forward you to joining us for this exciting virtual event!

who are the speakers and what are they talking about?

There are 14 talks taking place as part of the summit and below we outline the schedule of the day, who the speakers are, and a little teaser for what their talk covers, which ones will you be attending?

So there you have it, all of the information about the upcoming summit event, and now all that’s left is to book your spot

Join us for the Animas Virtual Social Impact Summit!

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