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Adie pascual

23rd February 2020

We are proud of the brilliant team that we have put together here at Animas, and we feel that it is important to share who the people are that enable us to have the impact that we do! And this isn’t just about sharing the role that they play at Animas, but who they are, the background that they came to Animas from, and the journey that they are currently on.

In this Q&A article, our Content Manager and in-house writer Sam Chambers sits down with our most recent addition to the Animas team, Course Consultant Adie Pascual to talk about the journey that led her to Animas, how she is enjoying her new role, and her future aspirations for her coaching.

Sam: Hi Adie, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. So firstly, tell me a little bit about your background and what you did before training as a coach and working for Animas.

Adie: I’m from the Philippines originally, I actually moved to the UK when I was 15. It very much feels like I’ve lived two lives, but it was a different world before I came to London because I had quite a tricky, heavily Christian upbringing, and contrasting it to my life now, it’s so different. Psychology or coaching as a career in the Philippines would be completely unheard of. When we talk about transformative journeys, I recognise that I’ve gone through a journey of unpacking beliefs throughout my school years, and college.

I actually did accounting for two and a half years after college and was just completely unhappy with it, though I felt that I had to to an extent, because we weren’t citizens yet in the UK and I had to wait until I could apply for citizenship. Annoyingly, without citizenship I couldn’t take a loan out for student finance, and so I had to wait, but when it did finally come through, I applied for student finance, and I wound up studying psychology at City University London for my degree.

S: So where did your interest in coaching start?

A: Well, when i first found out there was a thing called ‘relationship counselling’ I thought wait… that’s a job? I would love to do that! And this is what led me to do psychology, well, on top of wanting to know myself and understand myself better while I was going through quite a rough time. Then I found out about counselling psychology, which is what I thought I wanted to do, it still is perhaps later on.

Anyway, during university, I endured 2 years of really hard anxiety, and as i pulled through once I started to recover, I basically found the leaflet of a workshop, and it was called the Goddess Circle, and it turned out to be Isik Tlabar’s workshop. She did calls after her workshop, I didn’t know she was a coach at the time, but I actually ended up working with her a few months later as her coachee.

As I worked with her it really dawned on me: ‘I really want to do 1-2-1 coaching’, I guess I have always wanted to do that, and she told me about Animas because she trained with Animas, so I went to the free introductory day, and I can recall it was Matteo running it, and I was sat there like “I want to be you and do what you’re doing!” He’s very switched on and his delivery was great.

And so, on the side whilst at university, the job I had was teaching kids part-time through a company called Explore Learning. When I graduated from university, I did the graduate programme there, which trains you to be manager of a centre, but that kind of detracted from my first love which has always been teaching. It was around this time that I realised that coaching and teaching actually go together very well.

I did this manager role for two years, and in that time I trained with Animas. Even from the early days, the dream has always been to launch myself as an independent coach, and actually I believe a lot in manifestation, so I wrote down a few things that I wanted from a job, and I realised that managing isn’t the best thing for me, so the things I wanted to have in a job was the option to work from home, I wanted to speak with people 1-2-1, and most importantly I wanted to be energised every day by people.

Six months later, this Animas role opened up, and I kid you not, I was so excited! Like I actually started shaking I was like this is the job I really want, so I messaged Osman straight away.

That night I couldn’t sleep, and I was laying there like please I really want this job I really want this job and here I am, I got it! So the plan to launch myself as an independent coach has been paused, because with this role I actually get to speak with people, and hear their stories of transformation, and I get to have a little part in that, and that honestly is so so great, I love it so much. I get to go to the introductory days as well, and honestly it’s just everything I’ve ever wanted from a job.

S: Ah I’m so glad that you are enjoying the role Adie! That’s a very cool journey, thanks for sharing it with me. And so, when you came to the Animas introductory day, what was it that made you feel Animas was right for you?


A: I think one of the things for me is the authenticity of Animas. It had such an authentic vibe to it, and Matteo was really genuine, I could tell that he had so much passion for coaching, and that automatically energises people. He really mirrored what was possible for the people in that room. And especially for myself as he also came from a teaching background, and I think when you can say ‘wow I want to be that person’ it was like a catalyst for me, so that was one of the main things.

Secondly, I think speaking to the people there who also had a genuine interest to help other people, that was another thing and it really popped my bubble. That there were other people like me who wanted to help people in the same way that I wanted to help people, and that also helped, so the community played a big part in that.

Finally, the content of the coaching course. I really resonated with it because there was such a psychological and philosophical grounding to it. And it helped actually that Nick’s interest is existential coaching, because existential psychotherapy for me is the route I want to go down later on. And just the way he spoke, and his energy, really resonated with me, he is such a gifted speaker.

S: And of the 5 modules that comprise the Diploma training, which was your favourite and why?


A: That’s easy. Presence with Marcus. I loved it!

He was such a great trainer for this module. Of course all of the course was humanistic, but I really feel like you can hear more in silence sometimes, and I think the other reason I loved it, is because I did a Vipassana course, which was like a 10 day silent retreat, and it was the closest thing to that, and that course for me was something that really helped me with all the stuff that happened with myself. I did that retreat after my degree, and there’s so much that can heal and process and grow in that silent, reflective space and so that’s part of why I loved presence so much.

S: And how are you settling into your new role, and how is it being part of Team Animas?


A: I’m settling in really really well. Karen is great, I think she has such great energy, is so on the ball and in that sense she really inspires me. I think Osman is also brilliant, he is so thoughtful and so caring, and the team on the whole have just been so welcoming and supportive. It’s just been so great, all of these wonderful individual personalities come together to form this brilliant team and it’s amazing.

S: I know you said you like to share in the journeys of those you speak with, but what’s your favourite things about the role?


A: I think it’s that point where people make the leap and say yes I’m gonna do this for myself, it is literally so brave and when they take that step for themselves, I don’t think they realise how incredible the journey of transformation they are about to embark upon truly is. Hearing their stories as well is another big thing that I love about the role.

S: Finally, what are your aspirations and goals with your coaching?


A: I thought I wanted to do spirituality coaching, but actually I think existential coaching is the area I want to work in, I’d love love love that. But maybe later, that’s the next journey, for now I’m just thoroughly enjoying this role that I’m in!

S: That’s great to hear. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me Adie!

You can find out more about Adie here.

Interested in finding out more about transformational coaching and starting your own transformative journey? Book a spot on one of our free introductory days now.

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