Finding Your True Passion

Author : Olga Frankow

finding your true passion

19th February 2020

Have you ever heard the phrase – “find your true passion, and when you do, you’ll be happy”?

Well… When I embarked on my self-development journey over 10 years ago, I would come across this principle in every single book I’d read, yet I wouldn’t be any closer to the idea of what I wanted to do with my life. The problem was that I enjoyed everything I did at the different stages of my life, until one day I just didn’t anymore!

How do you deal with that? Can you jump from one ‘passion’ to another all your life?

Not only did it not make sense to me, but it also didn’t fit the ‘job for life’ model I adopted from my parents.

But let me start from the beginning. I do not want to bore you with any “once upon a time” type of story but want to give you a few turning points that might resonate with what you are going through right now.

In childhood I was fascinated by computers. Bear in mind, they had only recently appeared at the time, and information technology (IT) was about to overtake the world. Fast forward a few years, I graduated as a software developer and found my dream job in this field. I thought that was it – my passion, my true calling. Until one day I got… bored! Luckily there were many jobs in the IT sector which I could pivot to. I tried myself as a business analyst, then project manager, and every time the same thing happened – my passion for it faded…

In the meantime, I met my future husband Rafael, and together we moved to London (I am from Ukraine originally and he is from Austria).

Here I dived into a world that was as yet unknown to me… investment banking! Starting a new role as an equity business analyst. I studied non-stop. Not only did I have to learn all the “never-heard-before” terminology in this area (in English!), but also try to understand how everything worked given my background in IT rather than finance. Yet a couple of years later
when I just about felt comfortable there, guess what happened – boredom started creeping in again.

When I first started my career in the City I thought I was on top of the world but quickly I realised my world had turned upside down, so what I thought was the top became the very bottom of my existence. I was busy. Really busy. It felt like I was operating at 150% of my human capacity. I didn’t sleep well, dreading the next day at work, I didn’t eat well either as my typical lunch was consumed in a rush at my desk. And I drank way too much alcohol, as people often do in the City (not to offend anyone), but the regularity of nights out was way too high. And the toughest part was that I couldn’t see the way out and what could make my life interesting and exciting again.

I couldn’t stop questioning myself – how come that by the age of 30 I’ve learned and worked at three different professions and neither of them happened to be my “true calling”.

That is when it hit me.

My passion is not a particular job, but “learning new things” and evolving through this new knowledge. And, as I found out later, there is no better work for doing so than life coaching.
I explored this conjecture about myself at a much deeper level in my coaching training and I couldn’t be happier to finally see what I can do about it and how best to function with this need for constant change (as strange as it sounds).

I went to the Animas introductory day with Nick Bolton back in 2015 and I instantly fell in love with the idea of coaching. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the ways I could help other people find the answers to their life challenges much faster than I did while being alone on my journey. I connected with Nick’s passion for making this world a better place and I looked no further.

Animas coach training was one of the best decisions of my life, as I learned not only the skill of coaching, but I really got to know myself on a whole new level. I reconnected with my inner world and found what truly stands behind my decisions. I find it invaluable and my growth doesn’t stop there. I have new realisations and learn to deal with new challenges every day.

I am so grateful my husband Rafael was not only supportive of my ramble but was willing to participate. Around the time I graduated from Animas with all the new knowledge and understanding of the world, Rafael and I attended Tony Robbins seminar ‘Unleash Your Power Within’, which transformed our lives and our relationship. From that point on we knew exactly how we wanted our life to be.

Clarity is what many of us lack as we go along life’s path. We often go with the flow, hoping it will somehow bring us to the magical point of “finding our passion” in our career or “falling in love from the first sight and live happily ever after” in our relationship. But the Universe doesn’t function this way. She needs to know the direction you are going, so She knows what path to offer you.

I was looking for my calling for so many years only to find out that what I truly longed for was to feel contentment with what I did and an ability to accept the other part (which is often overlooked), which is doing the things I don’t like, but that are essential to fulfil the first part.

I know now that I need to change something in my life from time to time to keep myself excited about my journey. Hence, it’s much easier for me to structure my work and private life in a way that allows these shifts.

As a life coach, I started off as a relationship coach. My husband and I worked on our relationship a lot and I could see what an impact an unhappy relationship could have on people’s lives. So, I decided to work with couples and single people, guiding them to finding fulfilment and emotional connection with their partners.

A couple of years in, I realised that essentially what I help people with was not only relationships, but their mindset and outlook on life. Happiness in a relationship is not achievable in isolation, it requires a lot of other pillars to be in place. That’s why I created a more consolidated programme to help my clients live a balanced lifestyle, being happy in their relationships, private life and work.

I work mainly with women professionals who are stressed and overwhelmed from the busyness of life and don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I show them that a balanced life is possible by simply raising the awareness of their own behaviour and habits, becoming clear about their priorities and paying more attention to their wellbeing, as that is a crucial foundation for it all.

If someone told me 5 years ago, I would be leading the lifestyle I have now, I would have never believed them. But step by step it slowly became my reality. Of course, there are still a lot of objectives I want to achieve in the future but that ability to make decisions for myself and take full responsibility for my tomorrow were the most valuable learnings from life coaching. I have a strong belief now that if I dream of something today, I can make it come true tomorrow (or at least take a first step), and there is no limit to this.

In the last few years I embarked on another journey of self-discovery which is Yoga. I’ve been practicing for nearly 5 years now and became so fond of its teachings that I want to incorporate them into my coaching practice. My ambitious plan involves Yoga Teacher Certification and creating a coaching and yoga programme so that I can assist my clients in the best possible way.

Coaching is not a skill set in stone. You constantly develop and grow, not only as an expert but as an entrepreneur, and most importantly as a master of your own life. There is no bigger benefit in the profession of understanding human behaviour than understanding yourself. You are able to create a life you want from whichever building blocks you decide to use.

You can find out more about Olga and her coaching by visiting her LinkedIn and Instagram.

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