october, 2018

29oct7:00 pm8:30 pmEmbracing the Journey to Coaching Mastery and Success


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In his final talk as operational CEO of Animas Centre for Coaching, and as he enters a new phase of life, Nick Bolton will share a message he believes all coaches need to hear and understand.

For many training as a coach, there is a belief that the coaching journey starts on day one of their course and ends with certification and a vague notion that after this come clients.

They are soon disabused of this by real life and as they rush headlong into trying to build a substantial coaching practice they are left frustrated, wondering what they’re doing wrong and even sheepishly letting it fall by the wayside.

For Nick, this essentially a fatal misunderstanding of how a life in coaching unfolds. When the truth is understood, the reality can be seen to be far more rewarding, meaningful and life-affirming.

Moving away from his recent focus on transformational dialogue, Nick will take a broader view of the profession and make an impassioned appeal for coaches to take a longer-term view of their emerging career, business and life as a coach and to bring patience, curiosity and joy to every aspect of the journey.

After 10 years running a coaching school and 18 years as a coach, Nick has seen countless coaching journeys unfold and has witnessed which core mindsets, behaviours and strategies lead to sustainable success as a coach.

He’ll describe what he has seen as the archetypal roadmap that, over many years, and almost like clockwork, enables the rise of the successful coach.

He’ll share how understanding this will ease the frustration, disillusionment and even resentment born from misunderstanding the stages and essential nature of an enduring coaching practice.

And he’ll lay out the core behaviours, habits and commitments that will bring you the coaching practice you want, which will last you a lifetime and reward you time and again with opportunities for growth, surprise and delight.

This is Nick’s most personal speech to date. He will use this as a time to share what needs to change in the minds and hearts of all coaches if they truly believe in the work they do and the difference they can make.

He will argue that only when we embrace a lifelong journey of mastery and impact, can we justly step into a place of power as a coach.


7:00pm - 8:30pm GMT

Speakers for this event

  • Nick Bolton

    Nick Bolton

    Founder & Chairman, Animas Centre for Coaching

    Founder & Chairman, Animas Centre for Coaching

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