Berlin Graduate Rūta Stasiūnaitė’s Coach Training Experience

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24th February 2020

We love to check in with our coaches-in-training and graduates to see how they are getting on with their coaching journeys. We are also aware that we have a beautifully diverse community across various training locations and so we wanted to check in with a few of our coaches that are training in Berlin.

In this short Q&A piece we speak with Berlin-based Animas graduate and introductory day host, and transformational coach Rūta Stasiūnaitė to talk about her coaching journey, her training experience with Animas and what the future holds for her as a coach.


Hey Rūta! So first of all, what led to your interest in coaching?

My interest in coaching actually started back in high school. I was interested in psychology back in the day. Although I’m aware that they are not entirely the same – I was always fascinated by the human mind. I spent too much time listening to my rational mind and ignoring my intuition, and after 12 years of studying and working in the corporate world, I finally realised that I’ve always wanted to work with people.

I’ve always loved deep conversations. I’ve always been curious about what lies behind the words outspoken. Only in 2019 did I finally have my epiphany moment when I realised that if every single human would live fully to their potential, the world would be a much more beautiful and happy place. So I decided to make this my mission – encourage and empower as many people as I possibly can to find their potential and live up to it!

Why did you choose to train with Animas?


When searching for a coaching school here in Berlin I had 3 main criteria in mind that a course must meet:

1. The course must be in English.
2. Modules must be face to face.
3. And it should not be a purely theoretical, but rather a heavily practical course.

Animas ticked all these boxes and I got a really great feeling about the course and school from the free introductory day I attended.

How were you feeling before starting the course?


Before starting the transformational coaching course in Berlin I couldn’t even imagine quite how much and how quickly my life would turn upside down, and I mean that in a wholly positive way! I considered it as “a new skill” that I could bring into my corporate career.

Also, so many people were saying that there are so many coaches out there, that I will see what a big competition it is, and will struggle. I am glad I did not listen to any such comments. There is space and clients for everyone. And I deeply believe we have FAR from enough coaches. These real change-makers. I believe if everyone had a coach there would be many more people living a happy and fulfilled life.

What have been some of the highlights of your Animas journey?


Out of the countless highlights I will mention the two which had the most impact on my life:

1. Trainers (especially Robert Stephenson) are absolutely amazing! We had so much fun and so many amazing, eye opening discussions!

2. Community. I can confidently say that I have found my tribe – the community and support is always there for me and everyone. We meet regularly in person, and stay in touch almost every day, sharing valuable material, asking for help, etc.

I love it!

How is the experience changing things for you?


I have a completely new way of living now. After going through this training, I’ve learned so much about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. It is constant work, but I now know where to search for help or material when I need it. I’ve completely shifted my mindset in so many different ways! It’s scary, but even my friendship circle is kind of changing as well. But in a good way! The impact has been so enormous that I can barely recognise myself!

What has surprised you most about the journey so far – compared to your expectations?


That my journey hasn’t finished. It’s not just a one-time thing. Or a five module thing. It became my life. I’ve now even joined the Animas team as an Introductory Day Host which I couldn’t have imagined when I was doing the course. I am so passionate about my work as a coach that I simply cannot stop discovering new opportunities out there!

What were some of the challenges you have overcome along the way?


The biggest challenges were all in my head if I’m honest. Some of them are still there and I’m aware that it will be a constant work in progress. The biggest challenges were and still are my limiting beliefs which at times stop me or hinder me from doing even more! Growing even faster! Touching even more people’s lives! But I am constantly working on this and growing in confidence every single day.

How are you using your coaching skills currently?


I am working with a number of clients around a range of different issues, all of which are very happy with their results! I’m also an ITC host here in Berlin for the Animas introductory days, which is a great role for developing my coaching knowledge. I coach whenever I can. I coach my friends when they ask for my help, and I even coach myself whenever I notice that I have some blocks in my head that I need to work through.

I am always looking at growing my skills and experience by expanding the number of coachees that I have.

What are your aspirations with your coaching and what do you see as possible now?


2020 for me is a huge year! It’s the year when I prove to myself that I can do ANYTHING. That I can build my thriving business. That I can make a living AND love what I do at the same time. My vision grew and I see soooo many opportunities for myself now since completing the training and becoming a transformational coach with Animas! The driving force behind all that I do is a desire to not just serve people but to truly see them thrive!

Thanks Rūta and good luck with the next steps of your journey!

You can find out more about Rūta and her coaching here.

If you’d like to find out more about transformational coaching and joining our fantastic Berlin training community, why not book a spot on of our free introductory days?

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