On Becoming A Transformational Coach

Find out if Coaching is For You

Do friends and family naturally gravitate towards you for support?

Do people open up to you as you seem to have a way of enabling them to see things differently?

Do you love the idea of helping others transform their lives, to be happier and more fulfilled? (while also transforming your own life)

Perhaps you’ve been told you’d make a great coach. That you’re a great listener,  curious, perceptive and caring.

If so, then we believe you’ve got all the right traits to become a successful life coach.

And more so than ever before, the world needs people like you!

You see, people everywhere are struggling with day-to-day issues. Whether it’s at home, at work, in relationships, in parenting, in business. They’re overwhelmed by choice, uncertainty, self-doubt, and challenges.

And every day, coaches are making an impact by helping people make better choices, gain clarity, and take action that improves their life in some way.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be a coach, want to make a difference and would like to know more, then here’s your opportunity to take the next step.

Our FREE online event on Becoming a Transformational Coach is a 90 minute information-packed session and your chance to find out more about coaching and the Animas approach.

It’s live and so offers a great way to ask your questions around coaching.

Take your first step towards becoming a coach by booking your free spot today!

(And all without having to leave home!)

The Essentials

Our Facilitators

Bronwyn Nash




Cari Sivills


Why Attend the FREE online event on Becoming a Transformational Coach?

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Here’s what you can expect from this session:

What You'll Need

This is a virtual session and you will receive details to join us online in your confirmation and reminder emails.

Desktop, laptop or tablet


Headphones & microphone


Built-in camera

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