Our Values

Nowadays, so many companies talk about their values that it’s almost become a cliche.  Part of the problem is that many of these companies have values which seem to bare no relationship to how they act.

But the truth is that, for us at least, they really do matter. Our values guide and shape what we do, who we do it for, how we do it and why.  In the end, a company is made up of human beings and we feel it in a very real sense when the work we do is meaningless, rubs up against what’s important to us or feels directionless. That’s our personal values asking to be heard.

The core values here at Animas are consistent and remain the driving force behind what we do, but we also look at them afresh every six months to make sure we still believe in them, that they represent what we truly want to achieve and that we are living up to them. In fact, six months is the just the formal process – in truth, we are constantly batting them around here at Animas HQ, challenging ourselves and each other on how well we’re measuring up to them and whether they have changed! It can make for some fascinating, fun and energetic conversations!

So what are these mystery values that are so sacred to us?

Well, firstly there’s nothing mysterious or sacred about them. They’re pragmatic and actionable and they guide us when we make our decisions, formulate our vision and run our school on a day to day basis.

Here they are:

 Our Company Values

These values guide how we run our school and how we treat the team, customers and suppliers:

  • Innovate, think fresh and shape the coaching profession.
  • People come first. Everytime.
  • Good enough is never good enough. Aim for extraordinary
  • Always be learning, growing and improving.
  • The small things matter.
  • Own our stuff and take responsibility.

 Our Coaching Values

These values guide how we develop and offer coaching skills and knowledge:

  • Authenticity first and foremost.
  • Nurture the uniqueness of each coach.
  • Integration over singularity.
  • Equality in the coaching space.
  • Transformation, development and performance in harmony.
  • There’s no finished coach – never stop developing.

 Our Training Values

These values guide how we design, deliver and assess the training we offer:

  • Encourage discovery and reflection for personal learning.
  • Build communities of learning and support.
  • Pragmatism over dogmatism.
  • Respect the learner as the best judge of their experience.
  • Always question our assumptions of what’s right or what works.
  • Encourage diversity and multiple perspectives.

Do we ever fail to measure up against these values? Of course! Just as we all fail to measure up to our own standards sometimes. But they are part of our DNA and shape everything we do.