What do Animas Graduates Do?

People join Animas with a view to using coaching in many different ways – from working in one of these five routes– to having the skill increase their competence as a manager, or enrich their personal relationships.

For that reason, the things our graduates go on to do varies. Some have:

  • Launched prosperous full-time independent coaching practices
  • Added a coaching dimension to their consultancy or mentoring business
  • Set up a holistic retreat in Laos
  • Developed an immersive group coaching experience in Kenya

Coaching is extremely versatile, in that it is possible to build a coaching business around almost anything which ignites you personal passion, builds on your strength and skills, and supports the kind of life you’d like to lead. If there’s a theme for what our coaches go on to do, we’d say that they generally find and pursue a path that feels right for them.

Another thing which many of our graduates have in common post-qualification, is their continued connection to the vibrant Animas community. When you join one of our courses, you’ll be welcomed into a 600-strong supportive network of coaches, and there’s no expectation for you to leave! Being part of the community keeps you engaged with likeminded people, provides a friendly forum in which to ask advice and share ideas, and helps you flourish in whatever type of coaching practice you’d like to create.