Would I Make a Good Life Coach?

Would you make a good coach? It’s a good question to ask, and simply asking it tells you you have perhaps the most important quality under your belt: The desire to be a good coach!

Animas’ approach to coaching is one which is collaborative, and about facilitating discovery for your client. It’s not about giving advice, although there will be occasions where it is appropriate to offer a suggestion. We’re also less about accountability toward goals, and more about being able to understand someone’s values and experience, and helping them to explore and understand their worldview better, which then consequently creates change.

With that in mind, we’d say that good coaching might come more naturally to you if you are:

  • Interested in people and the different ways we see the world
  • Motivated by increasing people’s self-understanding, fulfilment or enjoyment
  • Conscious of your own world-view, including values, beliefs, assumptions, and emotional triggers
  • Having coaching or supervision yourself
  • A clear communicator

Besides that, it’s hard to say. Skills that you may not have now, such as being a good listener, can be developed – and sometimes that’s a really valuable part of training as a coach. We encourage everyone to bring their own style and way of being to their coaching – so you might be calm and reflective, or more feisty and challenging. Essentially, there’s no right type of person, but the wish to be a good coach might be the most desirable ingredient!