Coaching vs. Counselling, Mentoring and Training

Coaching shares principles and approaches with other interventions, such as counselling, mentoring, training and consultancy, not least because they’re all ultimately aimed at helping people. However, whilst sharing key aims and methods with other practices, what makes coaching unique is its combination of attributes.

Here’s a quick table showing how coaching differs from counselling, mentoring and training. coaching, counselling, montoring It’s certainly worth noting that this is a very broad generalisation and different approaches to any of these disciplines will bring them nearer or further from related practices.  Whilst providing a good set of distinctions then, you shouldn’t read these differences as absolute.
Of course, coaching is often combined with another skill – some people will take coach training, and also use specific experience in a context to provide coaching and mentoring in a single service or session, or to bring a coaching dimension to their therapeutic work.