Who Trains at Animas?

Wondering what kind of people join our coaching courses?

Transformative coaching skills are valuable within countless settings, sectors, and skill-sets. As such, the people who choose to study with us come from many different backgrounds, and have a huge range of aspirations for what they will go on to do once qualified.

The people who join our coaching courses:

Come from all around the world
creating an incredibly diverse student body, with some international coaching collaborations being formed between students.

Have a range of professional backgrounds
from yoga teachers and HR managers, to lawyers and accountants, and those who have not been in employment for some time.

Have different passions and interests 
which enriches discussion in the training room, and which we encourage being brought into each student’s thinking when they’re designing

Span all ages
from early twenties to late sixties, our students come to coaching at different stages of life

Want to coach at a deeper level
perhaps the main characteristic that unites our students is their passion for being able to go wherever their client needs, which is why they have chosen our transformative coaching course as opposed to others.