Rituparna Ghosh

Coach Supervisor

Ritu has joined Animas as a mentor recently. She qualified with Animas in January 2020 and has been busy setting up her coaching practice – ‘Laughter, conversations, and coaching’ since then.

Ritu comes from a research and analytics background and spent ten years after post-graduation climbing the corporate ladder as a Sr.Manager in analytics. In 2014, she decided to give it all up and focus on her struggles with infertility. After a couple of months basking in the joy of motherhood, Ritu was diagnosed with postpartum depression, which aggravated when she moved to the UK. While recovering, she spent some time reflecting and realised that she derived the most joy from helping people be true to themselves. In 2018, she chanced upon the term life coach in a novel she was reading, and without wasting any time, she took the plunge and joined Animas.

In the coaching space, she mainly works with women struggling under a directive life filled with social & cultural obligations and guides them to rediscover who they want to be rather than what the world thinks they should be.
Along with the diploma in transformational coaching, Ritu has also completed CPDs in Mindfulness coaching, positive psychology, and CBT coaching.

In the Mentoring space, along with her coaching skills and insights, she brings her warmth, vulnerability, and ability to connect with people. These help her establish a great rapport with the team and create a safe, non-judgmental place for CITs.

Along with being a coach, Ritu is a fiction writer and has written and contributed to five books in 2019-2020. In her own words, Ritu describes herself as an eternal dreamer.