Nathan Blair

Course Trainer

After qualifying at Animas, Nathan joined the team to head up the Centre for Professional Coach Development before taking over as the Animas Course Consultant. His passion for somatics took him to California where he worked as a Connection & Intimacy Coach, facilitated weekly Men’s Groups and led workshops on conscious sexuality and relationships at OneTaste US. At the heart of this work is a deep understanding of relational embodiment and Intricate Tactile Sensitivity.

He has immersed himself in somatic practice over the last five years reading and learning from the founding thinkers and practitioners of somatic practices, embodied cognition and embodied psychotherapy.

In addition to bringing this skillset to Couple’s Coaching back in London, Nathan is the Founder of The Somatic School and what will be the UK’s first ICF accredited school dedicated to training in somatic practices and providing coaches with somatic and embodiment skills.

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