Emma Dempsey

csm Emma Dempsey

Coach Trainer

Emma is an ICF accredited Coach with a background in social development, focusing on empowering individuals and communities. Her work has included coordinating community projects, leading behaviour change programmes, guest lecturing at university and influencing policy.

Emma loves writing and has contributed to academic articles, blogs (men’s wellbeing) and bestselling books. She has also appeared on several podcasts.

Despite the rich variety, Emma’s work has always been about empowering individuals and this is what drives her in her own life, making her role as Animas trainer a perfect fit!

In her coaching practice, Emma works with people anywhere on the “coaching spectrum” and offers one to one coaching, online group programmes and online courses.

Emma firmly believes in empowerment, and feels that it is a vital part of the coaching space.

Emma brings herself and all of her experience to the training room along with a genuine belief in people and a passion for both coaching and learning. She loves facilitating people to flourish during their training experience. With a background very much rooted in enabling others, Emma gets a real energy from being around people and being part of the whole learning process.

Approachable, inspiring, and down-to-earth, Emma’s warmth allows people to really relate to her story. She builds trust and rapport quickly through the sharing of her experiences, insights and anecdotes from her journey thus far.