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Bringing Positive Psychology Into Coaching: A Discussion With Yannick Jacob

In this conversation Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by Positive Psychologist, Existential Coach, Trainer and Supervisor Yannick Jacob to dive into the world of positive psychology, and its relationship to coaching. Yannick shares how he works with positive psychology, some of the benefits of bringing positive psychology approaches into the coaching space, and how you can begin to think about integrating it into your own coaching. Yannick also touches on flow state, and explores some of the positive...

Positive Psychology in Times of Crisis and Transformation

Times of crisis affect us and our clients in various ways. While some see opportunity, others struggle to keep their lives from falling apart. Some seem unaffected emotionally and just “deal with it”, while others despair. Some of us “accept the challenge” and find meaning in the suffering, others crumble under the weight of the uncertainty or find themselves paralysed by fear and unable to act. The questions I want to illuminate in this article are: Is coaching the right...

What Coaches Should Know About Mental Health: A Discussion With Pete White

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, and so we thought what better time to hold a conversation around the topic of mental health and how it can come into the coaching space. In this conversation Robert Stephenson is joined by Animas graduate, and Mental Health Consultant Pete White to explore how mental health issues show up in the coaching space and shares some thoughts around how coaches might help their clients around it without tackling the issue directly....