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How to Find a Life Coach

Finding a life coach that is right for you can be challenging. Once you’ve made a decision that you’d like to work with one, or at least explore the possibility, you then have to go out and actually find one! In a sense, it’s a little bit like dating and can involve some trial and error to find someone who feels right for you. From our experience, here are some key things to consider when beginning your search... Why do...

Your Coaching Superpower

‘Most coaches have a coaching superpower however few coaches know what their superpower is.’ (Ross Nichols) Ok I made this quote up yet I do believe it’s true. One of the privileges of mentor-coaching other coaches for their ICF (International Coach Federation) credentials is that I get to see other coaches in action up close through recordings of them coaching their clients. I’ve noticed that coaches who trained outside Animas can be a little clunky with a low level of...

How Much Can a Life Coach Earn?

There are many factors that influence a life coach’s salary. If you Google the topic, suggested rates per hourly session vary enormously, between £30 - £2,000, and coaching salaries range from a few thousand pounds to over £500k. So, how much can a life coach really make? Well, we wish there was a simple answer, but the truth is that it depends! The working hours, rates per session and the number of clients on a coach’s books are key factors...

Enrolment on the Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Enrolment on the Diploma in Transformational Coaching Thanks for your interest in joining the Diploma in Transformational Coaching. To pay the deposit in Euro (€495), simply click the button below and follow the instructions on the Barclays payment page. * Your card information will not be saved on our system [epdq-payment coursename="DTC-DEPOSIT-495" pspid="mc1119508" coursefee="495.00" currency="EUR" paymenttitle="Click Here to Make Payment in Euro (€495)"]