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Train as a Coach at the Animas Centre

If you want to train as a coach working at a transformational level with your clients, then you’ve found the right place! Animas Centre for Coaching provides internationally recognised, ICF approved coaching courses that deliver the very latest coaching approaches. Based in the heart of London and training on weekends, our live courses are designed to be flexible to your working life.

Life Coach Training Starts with YOU!

Too many coaching courses try to create coaches who use exactly the same coaching models and processes forgetting the person at the centre of it. We believe you’re at your best when you are your unique self and so we help you integrate coaching concepts to find your coaching style.

Train as a Coach for a Lifelong Journey

Train to become a coach and you don’t just take a course; you take a lifelong journey that will richly reward you as you grow in confidence and experience, meet new people and find your unique passion. This is a life changing step.

The Power of the Animas Community

We’re frequently told that the unexpected benefits of our coaching course is the wonderful, vibrant community of coaches who support one another and become close friends. The fabulous people and the life changing journey make for lasting personal transformation.

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