Fee for Missed Mentoring Session

As per the terms and conditions of the course, mentoring sessions need a minimum of 24 hours cancellation if you cannot attend. Our mentors are professional coach mentors and Animas incurs a fee for their time. As a result, failure to show up for a mentoring session without having given notice results in you incurring a £40 non-attendance fee.

We understand that there can be many reasons for not attending but it remains your responsibility to attend or to let their mentor know in time for them to adjust their workload.

To qualify on the Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, you must complete three sessions of mentoring. However, you must pay this non-attendance fee in order to be able to book another session and make the missed session available to you again. Once the fee is paid your full complement of remaining mentoring is available again.

We know this isn’t pleasant and we don’t like to enforce it, but it is a necessary evil to avoid our mentors wasting time and charging for unused sessions.

To pay the £40 fee, simply click the button below and follow the instructions on the Barclays payment page (all major cards accepted).

* Your card information will not be saved on our system