Yannick Jacob

Animas CPD Trainer and Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at UEL

Yannick’s Role at Animas:

Yannick developed and delivers Animas’ short courses on Positive Psychology and Existential Coaching. He truly walks the talk and you’ll notice his positive yet deeply reflective attitude from day one. Over the past decade Yannick has studied happiness, optimal human functioning and all things wellbeing (MSc Applied Positive Psychology) as well as the depths and complexities of the human condition and how they show up in the coaching room (MA Existential Coaching). For Animas – Yannick’s spiritual home – he condensed these themes into two powerful weekends in which he invites you to integrate science and philosophy into your existing practice. As a facilitator Yannick is positive, curious, open-minded, inclusive, challenging and thought provoking. He will open new doors in your thinking, invite you to explore what lies behind and provide a safe, open space for fruitful discussion so that you may grow to be the best coach you can be.

You can find Yannick’s private website at www.existential.coach

  • Positive psychology and the building blocks of happiness
  • Existential philosophy and how to live courageously
  • Exploring depth and complexity
  • Embracing the dark side of life
  • Conflict coaching & mediation
  • Academic foundations of coaching practice
About Yannick

Yannick is a multipotentialite with legs in various areas of personal and professional development. His skillset ranges from coaching and supervision via group facilitation and leadership training to mediation (conflict resolution) and happiness classes. He is one of only a handful of coaches worldwide who hold a Masters degree in Existential Coaching and he currently teaches on the world’s only MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.

As a positive existentialist Yannick believes that a life well-lived includes the whole spectrum of emotions. Rather than avoiding all negative feelings and chase a state of everlasting comfort, he found lasting happiness in engaging with all that life has to offer, in challenging himself daily and in getting back up whenever he falls. The ability to accept life with all its givens, to take a leap of faith into an uncertain future and to bounce back quickly when adversity strikes, that’s a skill that can be learned and taught. Having experienced this, Yannick now runs resilience training for people in “positions of great responsibility” (typically leaders and managers, but also parents, freelancers, coaches etc). He knows that a coach is the ideal partner in learning how to approach life in this way.

A specialist in coach training, Yannick took over Programme Leadership of UEL’s MSc Coaching Psychology from Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh in 2015 and now delivers the foundational coaching module for all of UEL’s coaching-related masters programmes (including Career Coaching and Integrative Coaching and Counselling). Outside of coaching skills facilitation Yannick has run countless personal development workshops, co-designed a 7-year curriculum for secondary schools and sixth form colleges and published books and book chapters on Positive Psychology, Existential Coaching and Coach-Therapy Integration. He is also a certified mediator who trained at London’s reknowned Regent’s College (SPCP).

In his coaching, Yannick helps his clients to embrace life in all its facets and create their own personal recipe for happiness. He believes that everybody is completely free to do whatever they want to with their lives as long as they are aware and can accept the potential consequences of their actions or inactions. He is masterful at bracketing his judgments, understands that context is always important and supports his clients in whatever it is that they want to achieve. Similarly, he appreciates that there is no one right way of coaching and instead he’ll help you establish your own best approach and work with your unique set of strength rather than assuming anybody knows best. The art of coaching is not in providing answers for your questions, but questions for your answers. In the coaching room as well as a trainer, Yannick will be your fellow traveller on your journey of discovery who can offer a different perspective on what you know, illuminates your blind spots and empowers you to liberate your authentic self so that you may face even the most difficult decisions with commitment and conviction.

Yannick grew up in Germany and, after short love affairs with the US and Switzerland, moved to East London in the summer of 2005. He loves board sports, vinyl, travelling and playing devil’s advocate. You might see him fly by on his Longboard or DJ at some of the UK’s biggest music festivals. Life is a trip that he passionately shares with his partner in crime and love of his life. Be careful as his smile is contagous and his enthusiasm infectious.