Nick Bolton

Founder and CEO Animas Centre for Coaching.

Nick’s role at Animas:

Nick is the founder and director of Animas. He sees his role as being like an artist on a never ending quest to make a masterpiece of his creation. Passionate about both coaching and building the world’s leading coaching school, Nick is an Accredited Master Coach, a coaching supervisor, mentor and philosopher of coaching.


  • Integrating wide ranges of coaching theory in powerful practice
  • Existential, collaborative, and personal construct theory in practice
  • Exploration of an individual’s response to th ehuman condition
  • Transformational group coaching

About Nick:

Nick is an adventurer and creature-comforts lover, relentlessly active in pursuit of his vision yet laid back and unattached to reaching it, extrovert in creating a community, but introverted with a need for space. Having lived on a canal boat before creating his coaching school, Nick loves the slow pace of the countryside but loves living in London. In true existential style, Nick hold paradoxes in tension.

Nick in action: