Marcus Stone


Marcus’s Role at Animas:

Marcus trains the Presence module in the Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

  • Person-centred theory and practice
  • The self as an instrument for change
  • Using silence and space for impact
  • Noticing and naming what’s “in the room”
  • Harnessing intuition
About Marcus:

In his coaching, Marcus draws upon person centred practices, focussing on the quality of the relationship with his clients and the use of self, spaciousness and silence to help them feel in to what’s going on within themselves and their situation. Working with what is presented in each moment, he allows the special ambience created to develop trusting bonds with the people he works with. Marcus believes that this closeness and deep rapport, as experienced by his clients, allows a distinctive space to emerge, a space the like of which may not exist elsewhere in their lives. His clients will notice in particular his supportive focus and attention and a feeling of being safely held. This allows almost anything to emerge for his clients, including matters never previously spoken about to anyone else and things not even previously recognised by themselves.

Marcus is passionate about helping to re-introduce people to their real and authentic selves and allowing them to rediscover what it is about life that they love. With compassion and kindness, combined with acute observational skills, he nurtures growth towards freedom, purpose and fulfilment. Much of his work has centered on the predicaments of mid-life and also working with young people looking for more inspiration, focus and direction.

Marcus is married with two grown up sons and lives in Surrey, where he runs his coaching practice. He is also a Chartered Surveyor and a qualified LPA Receiver, and has spent many years working as a property professional, both as employee and partner in various companies in London. He now runs his own part time property consultancy.

You can find Marcus’s private coaching website at