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At Animas we’re passionate about exploring coaching at every level. With over 850 Animas trained coaches bringing a wealth of experience and wisdom to our mission to share what coaching is all about, we are creating a range of free-to-download eBooks that help you get a better understanding of coaching and the experience of being a coach or a client. Simply click the Download button and the PDF will open in a new window.

Apart from our short book, “Coaching in a Nutshell” which is a quick guide to the principles of coaching, our aim with these books is not just to share the theory of coaching but also what it’s actually like to be in a session. Our aim is to lift the curtain and allow you to see what the coach does, what issues clients bring, how the coach works with it and the outcomes of real coaching journeys. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Free Coaching Books

Coaching in a Nutshell

The original Animas book!

Written by Animas founder, Nick Bolton, to share the basics of coaching, “Coaching in a Nutshell” is quick to read but comprehensively lays out what coaching is, who uses it, what for, why, and how it’s done.

Sharing some coaching models as well as exploring the differences with other people-helping professions, you’ll get to grips with the core ideas that sit beneath coaching and how it’s used in practice.

Authored in the early days of Animas (probably with a quill and by candlelight) we have moved on in our thinking around coaching since then but the principles Nick wrote about then hold as true now as they ever did.


Free Coaching Books


It’s a cliche, yet a truth nonetheless, that coaching is a journey. The process of change takes time as individuals look inwards at their beliefs, motivations, assumptions and patterns and then act outwardly in the form of behavioural change, new relational patterns and fresh communication styles. Yet, ever so often there are breakthroughs – moments when we can recognise a change has taken place and that things won’t ever quite be the same again.

In this stimulating collection of essays from practising coaches, we share the stories of what happens in coaching between client and coach and how breakthroughs take place. Sharing real life case-studies in which clients have kindly given permission for their stories to be told, Breakthroughs offers 11 tales of transformation that will open up the world of coaching to you.


Free Coaching Books


It’s not easy being a coach-in-training! With so many client’s stories to contend with along their own life issues and journey of learning, new coaches often end up engaging in plenty of self-talk or, as we call it here. chatter.

As a small project in 2013, we got curious about what these new coaches were saying to themselves and how this was helping or hindering the coaches. We asked a small group of coaches to track their self-talk around their coaching clients for a month and to share what they said to themselves and the impact this had in short essays.

Chatter is the result of this experiment and through a number of witty, moving and fascinating stories, we reveal what it’s like to be a coach starting out on this journey.


Light Bulbs!

Light Bulbs! was the first collective book from Animas, bringing together 13 coaches to explore those moments where an “AHA!” occurs and a client’s perception is turned upside down.

Telling the story of coaching through real-life case studies, this book was the first to offer a glimpse behind the curtain of coaching and to help readers get a sense of the feel of coaching as though you were there – what is said, what is done, what happens next?

Light Bulbs! is a beautiful collection of short case-studies that brings coaching to light in all its complexity and power.