Who trains with Animas and why?

15th November 2018

One of the joys of Animas is the sheer diversity of people who join us and the bonds that are formed out of shared values.

We find that, for all the difference in the room, there is a fundamental commonality between our students.

And that’s about values.

At one level, our students are drawn to what we represent at the values level. Our thinking and philosophy around coaching, our strongly humanist perspective and the respect its affords people, our understanding of and interest in transformational work over merely performance, our learning style that nurtures the individual to find their own uniqueness in coaching, our humour and light-touch combined with depth and authenticity.

These are what bring people to us but their attraction to this comes from their own, even deeper values that then create a bond between all who join Animas. Their deeper values are what makes them who they are: respect and care for people, curiosity to learn and grow, a desire to make a difference, an openness to change and to learning from other people.

Something about Animas speaks to these qualities and values and, as a result, we gain diversity with oneness.

A typical Animas course will be richly diverse.

Unlike some coaching contexts in which everyone is white, middle-aged and executive (sorry for the stereotype but there’s an element of truth in that), Animas groups are made up of a diverse range of nationalities, races, gender, sexual-orientations, faiths and non-faith and age. Indeed, it is made up of human beings!

We have, of course, UK born and bred students, but then many students from west and east Europe and even as far as Chile, Namibia and Japan! We’ve also had people from 21 to 66 join us. We’re waiting for our first septogenarian who’s ready for another phase of life!

This provides a wonderful blend of experiences, ideas, stories, ways of working and coaching journeys that enrich the whole as well as each individual.

The truth is, there’s a big, wide world out there and our aim is reach out and give back to the widest community rather than a small window. Coaching will only have the impact its capable of when it fully extends beyond a particular demographic.

A third way to look at who trains with us is what people want to gain from training as a coach with us?

At our heart, our passion is developing and supporting people to become a coach rather than merely gain coaching skills. In other words, people who want to practise coaching extensively either in their own independent practice or as a coach within their workplace rather than gain some simple coaching skills to improve how they manage.

Our course has been designed and built to create coaches who think and practise far beyond the traditional approaches to coaching. There is a depth and demand to the course that means it’s not right for someone who simply wants to gain a few “tools” for their main job. This is not a “coaching for managers” course but an in-depth programme to create exceptional coaches who work at depth with clients.

That takes commitment, passion, reflection and practice. And so the reason for joining Animas also shapes the feel of the classroom and the real desire we notice our students have for becoming the best coach they can be.

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