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The Animas approach to training

The Animas approach to training

Animas training is open, conversational, practical and engaging.

We use coaching principles in our training, and believe that feeling safe and able to contribute, discuss, and challenge ideas in the training room is an essential part of a rich learning experience for students.

Our coach training:

  • Uses the experience in the training room to explore coaching theory
  • Includes demonstrations and practice sessions to try out what’s being learned within a safe and supportive environment
  • Offers and explores different ideas and models, instead of teaching a specific process and approach
  • Creates strong, trusting relationships between our trainers and students
  • Ensures students benefit from the wisdom of the room by ensuring all voices and opinions are heard and respected
  • Is predominantly live – with all core training in comfortable venues in London
  • Is supplemented by more optional webinars, online discussion, and live seminars which you are welcome to attend or not as you wish

It’s not the kind of training that will have you sat still in one place all day, listening to someone at the front of the room. We create an environment in which everyone is encouraged and supported to really bring themselves into the space. In our experience, this results in a rich learning environment, and enables each student to become the unique coach they wish to be.

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